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The Erdnase Notebook
by S. W. Erdnase

The Erdnase Notebook by S. W. Erdnase

This is the workers edition of Erdnase's The Expert at the Card Table. Produced as a letter sized three ring binder so that one can insert note pages anywhere one wishes to take notes, printed in large font (16pt) on heavy coated durable paper, so that it can be read from a distance.

David Malek, who came up with this specially designed format, explains in his introduction:

... I thought of an oversized edition, one that would lie flat on the table and be big enough to read from a foot or more away. The advantage of size would also facilitate working through the book with cards in hand, while having your eyes on the text and illustrations, without having to start and stop to readjust only to lose your place or the proper fingering on the cards. If you have ever frustratingly worked through any smaller-format magic book you know exactly what I'm talking about.

David also shares in his introduction some of his personal thoughts on Erdnase and why studying this book is so important. With The Erdnase Notebook this has become easier than ever.

This is how the notebook looks open.

1st edition 2020, 184 pages.
word count: 53425 which is equivalent to 213 standard pages of text