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The Improved Ghost Writes by Devin Knight

The best method for spirt writing ever conceived! Using two ungimmicked slates, the performer very cleanly and slowly shows all four sides by marking the numbers from 1 to 4 on each side, in the upper corner, in a different color. (An original Devin Knight idea.) There is no doubt that all four sides have been shown to be blank due to different colored numbers marked on each side of the slates.

The performer put the two slates together and has a spectator hold two corners, while he holds the other two corners. The sound of chalk writing is heard to come from between the slates. When the slates are separated, there is a message on one completely filling the board. The previously marked number in the upper corner is still there. Everything can immediately be examined by the spectator, as there is nothing to be found.

The message can be the name of a selected card, a word chosen from a book, or even a message from the great beyond from a passed loved one. You can make whatever type of message you wish to appear.

You can do this with any two slates that are still being sold online as children's handheld chalk slate, or in many of the toy sections in the big box stores.

  • no gimmicks
  • no flaps
  • no mechanical slates
  • no chemicals
  • everything can be examined at the end
  • no electronics
Perfect for Halloween shows, or anytime you want to do spooky magic. To the average spectator this looks like the real thing and an explanation doesn't seem possible. This is extremely easy to do, but is a real fooler. Can be played tongue-in-check or spooky.

1st edition 2016, 6 pages.
word count: 2000 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text