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Tool Box Show
by Brian T. Lees

#2 Patter, Plots & Scripts author

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Tool Box Show by Brian T. Lees

A call comes in and their magician cancelled. They need a magic show in the next half hour. Can you be packed and ready to go? Maybe you are at an event and one of the sponsors comes up to you and says they need to fill a thirty-minute gap in their schedule. Are you ready to step on stage and go to work? The answer rests in what this text refers to as a tool box show. When the phone rings, if the money is right, all you need to do is grab your tool box and go to work. This ebook will help you take advantage of those "short notice" performance opportunities.

  • Real world
  • Tool box show purpose
  • What's in the box
  • 30 Minute goal
  • Pricing
  • Contract
  • Sample calls
  • Wrapping it Up

1st edition 2016, 24 pages.
word count: 9094 which is equivalent to 36 standard pages of text