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The Instant Memory System
by David Malek


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The Instant Memory System by David Malek

Starting from the latest brain research and the latest insights of how our mind functions, combining those with years of professional experience and understanding of people, David Malek has distilled a recipe to memorization that is both simple to learn and effective to use.

Obviously David Malek has anchored his method in techniques known for a long time, but with his keen insight and understanding of the human mind, David has fashioned a truly practical method for those who think such memory systems are either way too hard to learn or not effective.

Developing memory fitness is a skill anyone can acquire. With the Instant Memory System you will tap into the incredible power of your brain and within a few minutes be able to remember anything you want, retain it for as long as you want, and recall it instantaneously.

When you learn the secrets of memory fitness you will instantly increase your value as an employee or business owner and enhance the quality of your life. In less than one hour by just actively listening you will improve your memory by at least 83% or more guaranteed.

The Instant Memory System is an eighty-minute (1 Hour and 20 minutes) personal and professional audio development solution that will enable you to train your memory so you can:

  • Make more sales, beat out competitors, and earn higher wages
  • Forge new relationships and deepen existing ones
  • Give presentations and speeches without notes
  • Never forget any important information
  • Remember literally everything you read
  • Feel at ease and self-confident under intense pressure
  • Help your children become better students
  • Create a to do list in seconds, change it instantly and remember it all day
  • and much, much more.
In today’s competitive, challenging and cut-throat marketplace you need to operate with every advantage possible, you need something that will separate you from the competition; the Instant Memory System is your secret weapon. Use it as a savvy sales and business tool and you will gain and enjoy an unbeatable edge over your competition. Within minutes of listening to the program you'll be dripping with new found confidence and charisma. The Instant Memory System is the fastest, easiest and most effective way you can train your memory.

WAV audio file; runtime 1h 20min + PDF

Reviewed by Ku Tseri
★★★★   Date Added: Friday 21 December, 2012

I bought this a while ago and to be honest was very disapointed this is actualy a marketing gimick for his other memory program which at the end of this after you been shown how to remember 20 items then you are adviced to buy is other program with many features.

For $10 you can buy a proper memory book by which will teach you many methods and how to apply them all thats in this book to sum it all up just google the peg and link system you will probably get better stuff from free web resources.

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