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The Knight's Tour: A Scenic Journey

by Richard Paddon
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The Knight's Tour: A Scenic Journey by Richard Paddon
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The classic of mentalism fully explained. As performed by Richard Paddon at MindVention. Includes a performance video as well as a program for Windows PC to project and record the moves as the performer calls them out.

For the first time, Richard Paddon explains the secrets behind learning and performing the Knight's Tour. The Knight's Tour is a grand performance piece. It can fill a stage, unites the audience as one and showcases the performer.

This package includes a 45 page e-book explaining how Richard learned, practiced and rehearsed the Knight's Tour with all the tips and secrets never before revealed by anyone.

Richard is the first to discover the Delta Values. A method that allows you to check your own progress and reduce errors and is fully explained.

Chapters include:

  • Learning the Knight's Tour
  • How to Practice
  • Performance and Presentation
  • My Philosophy Regarding the Knight's Tour Performance
  • Adding Drama
  • The Tour Program - how to use and apply the program to your performance.
Includes two live stage performances which shows the pacing, demeanor and tactics during the effect. Plus the Tour program, ready to install onto your Windows PC which allows you to perform the Knight's Tour anywhere.

From the introduction:

My first public performance of The Knight's Tour initiated some interesting responses from the audience. Partway through the performance, some spectators began turning around, looking towards the back of the theatre. I realised they were looking for someone or something helping me. If I appeared to be 'lost' or having difficulty, someone would call out numbers to "help" me. Some audience members actually leaned forward in their seats with anticipation as I was approaching the finish. Spectators enthusiastically spoke with me after the show. Their questions included:

  • "How can you do that?"
  • "I'd like to challenge you to a chess game one day."
  • "Are you a mathematical genius?"
  • "How long have you played chess?"
  • "When did you discover that you could do this?"
  • "Do you have a photographic memory?"

The response far exceeded my expectations!

1st edition 2014, 44 pages.

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