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The Kolophon Revisited
by Devin Knight & Bob Hughes


(4 reviews, 8 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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The Kolophon Revisited by Devin Knight & Bob Hughes

The trick that fooled Al Mann! This is one of the best impromptu feats for apparently demonstrating psychic power that was ever created. You could spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on clever electronic devices to duplicate this effect but that is not necessary. This creation of Bob Hughes allows you do this effect using nothing but a technique you carry in your mind.

Nothing to buy, nothing to carry. Yet anytime you are challenged, you can do an impossible appearing feat using borrowed objects that you NEVER TOUCH!

EFFECT: To demonstrate a psychic test, the performer asks a participant to provide five envelopes of any kind, five business cards or blank index cards, and a pencil or pen. The performer refuses to touch any of these items and makes a point to stay away from them.

The performer turns his back and the participant is asked to sign his name on any one of the business cards. He is further instructed to choose one of the five envelopes at random, then seal the signed business card inside the envelope. He is told to turn the envelope flap side up, then sign his name on the flap of the envelope.

The participant is next told to seal the other four unsigned business cards into the other four envelopes. One unsigned card is placed into each of the remaining four envelopes. When done, he is to sign his name on the flaps of the remaining four envelopes.

He is then told to mix up the five envelopes, so he does not know which envelope contains his signed business card. He is then instructed to number the envelopes on the face sides with the numbers from 1 to 5.

Remember, the performer has had his back turned during these proceedings. There are no secret peeks or glimpses to see what is going on behind his back.

After the participant is done, the performer turns around. Unbelievably, under these test conditions and without touching any envelopes, he correctly divines which envelope contains the signed business card!

The reader must admit that we have what truly appears to be a psychic feat, under test conditions. For the mentalist, it leaves little to be desired for a test. Your carry nothing, but the secret technique in your mind.


When I was performing as a psychic, I used this effect to baffled reporters everywhere. Al Mann had recommended this to me as a surefire way to fool the skeptics because it could be done under test conditions. Al later released Bob Hughes secret in a publication called The Kolophon, over a 30-year period, I perfected the technique and came up with other presentations.

Recently, I met Bob Hughes in person and he told me that Al Mann had not properly described the secret in his publication and had left out vital information on how to properly do this.

I got Bob's permission to release this again, with the proper technique and clarity along with improvements. Bob's comments were that this was a stunning release and that he was glad it was finally being described and taught the way it should be performed.

Remember, you can do this using borrowed articles you have never seen before and you do not touch them. This is REAL TEST CONDITION mentalism.

Every ramification you need to know is in this release. You carry no gimmicks of any kind as none are needed. This is a higher art form of mentalism.

I also teach you the UNSEEN CARD, a different effect using this principle. You supply the materials, but it is still done behind your back 100% hands off.

Put a deck of cards on the table and a box of envelopes along with an ungimmicked pen. The envelopes are not gimmicked or marked.

Turn your back and invite someone to choose a card. There is no force of any kind. Have that person sign his name on the card and seal it in any of the ungimmicked envelopes. Tell him to then remove four other cards and seal those inside four other envelopes. Remember he chooses the envelopes at random and YOU DO NOT SEE ANY OF THIS as your back is turned.

Because this is test conditions, have him sign his name on each of the envelopes and then mix them up so even he doesn't know which contains his signed card. Have him number each envelope from 1 to 5 and place them on the table.

Now hear this, the performer turns around and DOES not touch the envelope and ask the participant to concentrate on his card. He does not write it down. With no fishing, the performer says for example, your card is the four of spades and it is inside the envelope you marked with a 3.

Tear open the envelope and inside is his signed card and you correctly divined the name of it.

  • The Most Amazing Hands Off Effect You Will See
  • NO Sleights
  • Everything done under test conditions
  • The signed business card sealed in an envelope can be done under test conditions using borrowed items you have not seen before, nor touched before the presentation.
  • The cards and envelopes are not marked, nail nicked or anything like that.
  • Baffling beyond words
IMPORTANT NOTE: Although the Kolophon Technique is reliable with a high rate of success, when done according to the instruction, it is not infallible. There is a slight, but unlikely, possibility that you could occasionally miss. Please take that into consideration before you purchase this, if that is a factor.

"I must say... after reading this PDF, I was salivating at the mouth. Next to the Blindsight series, this will be an all time favorite release of yours. What would you do if you are asked to perform a miracle at a moment's notice, without absolutely no props handy, and convince your audience of your psychic abilities? THIS!!! Your audience provide the props and the best part is that you don't touch the props at all. The participant does all the work! This is going down as an all-time favorite for me. Impromptu and hands off. A definite winner that I am adding to my arsenal!!!" - Robert Marsi

"If you're a real Al Mann fan like me, you'll love this. The Kolophon Revisited is a serious fooler -- hats off the Mr. Knight for a job well done. Highly recommended." - D. Ulin, Los Angeles, California

1st edition 2014, 20 pages.
word count: 7028 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Matthew Overd (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 12 January, 2022

The Obvious thing to say here is the ad copy is 100% accurate. However, I don't think this truly gives it justice. After reading this it feels even better then how it's described. As far as missing well I feel like most mentalists are generally ok with this level of missing and this gets better with practice, to the point I feel like misses would become that rare it wouldn't matter anyway. To be cliche "I hope no one buys this" to be honest it would be a shame if this became too common. Honestly, if it sounds like something you may like, just buy, you will like it.

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 17 April, 2016

I agree with everything said by the other reviewers. This is apparently an old principle but one that I'd never seen before. It's not entirely 100% foolproof--and there is some audience management involved--but when it works, it will befuddle even trained professionals because of its subtlety.

Reviewed by Phil Reda (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Saturday 10 May, 2014

Just finished reading the manuscript - I can't wait to try this out. There is a possibility of a miss, but in the words of Peter Turner "Dare to be BOLD - for that is when miracles happen". You should have a sure fire effect in the wings in case this does not work. Devin and Bob do a great job of explaining the simple principle as well as increasing the odd's of success. Very well laid out as is all of Devins manuscripts. Highly recommended

Reviewed by Matt Adams
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 15 April, 2014

Very clever effect. Devin does a good job with his additions and thoughts on the principle. Well worth the price in my opinion. I'll be using this effect in my stage show this week.