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The Last Hierophant
by Jon Racherbaumer

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The Last Hierophant by Jon Racherbaumer

Impromptu Effects

  • One Fantastic Move (Edward Marlo)
  • The Joker Reads Minds (Edward Marlo)
  • One Thru Four Elevator (Dave Solomon)
  • You Did It Again! (Edward Marlo)
  • You Did It Again And Again! (Edward Marlo)
  • Black-Hole Card Switcheroo (Edward Marlo)
  • A Way Out (Danny Korem)
Strictly Technical
  • Moving Monte Switch (Chuck Smith)
  • Sleeper Shank Shuffle (Edward Marlo)
  • The Marnase Change And Vanish (Edward Marlo)
  • The Double Erdnase Change (Edward Marlo)
  • Darting Double (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Center Double (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Marlo's Swivel Cull (Edward Marlo)
  • Snap Pass (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Covering The Top Card Pass (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Control Fake-Outs (Edward Marlo)
  • Convincing Tilt (Daryl Martinez)
  • Rub-A-Dub Gone (Edward Marlo)
Gaffed Galaxy
  • Capturing Macdonald (Gene Castillon)
  • The Melding Pot (Edward Marlo)
  • The Tickfaw Twist (Robert Walker)
  • Quadruple Fingertip Cards To Pocket (Edward Marlo)
  • Ad-Jacent (Simon Aronson)
  • I Won't Even Look (Edward Marlo)
  • The Blue Intruder Strikes Again! (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Castillon's Olram Aces (Gene Castillon)
Delectable & Delicacies: Select Sandwich Stuff
  • Bluff Sandwich (Edward Marlo)
  • Dunbury Sandwich (Robert Walker & Dave Solomon)
  • Royal Divers (Edward Marlo)
  • Eyed Jack Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Split Sandwiches (Edward Marlo)
  • Clean-Cut Finger Sandwiches (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Insertion Subtlety (Edward Marlo)
  • Selling A Sandwich (Edward Marlo)

1st edition 1980; 1st digital edition 2018, 80 pages.
word count: 35318 which is equivalent to 141 standard pages of text