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Hierophant 7

by Jon Racherbaumer
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Hierophant 7 by Jon Racherbaumer
  • Introduction
  • Contributors
  • The Hamman Twist (Brother John Hamman)
  • Krenzel's Tunnel Change (Ken Krenzel)
  • Dingle's Tunnel Change (Derek Dingle)
  • No Force Vanish & Recovery (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Off-Sho Ot (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Jump-Jump Aces (Edward Marlo)
  • The 999 Miracle (Edward Marlo)
  • Pineapple Twist (Bruce Cervon - Dai Vernon)
  • Sober Slop Poker (Edward Marlo)
  • Breakless Curry Change (Edward Marlo)
  • The Four Ace ... Er ... Queen Trick (Edward Marlo)
  • Flash Sandwich (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Fair On All Points (Edward Marlo)
  • The Missing Hour (Edward Marlo)
  • The Viet Nam Trick (Bruce Cervon - Dai Vernon)
  • A Quickie (Edward Marlo)
  • Exhibitionism (Edward Marlo)
  • Hands Off Reverse (Anon - Jon Racherbaumer)
  • King's Triumph (Larry Jennings)
  • Late-Nite Sandwich (Reinhard Müller - Alex Elmsley)
  • The Layman Makes His Own (Edward Marlo)
  • Sandwich Approach (Edward Marlo)
  • The Spectator Cuts To And Turns Over The Aces (Edward Marlo)
  • The Stabbing Myth (Jon Racherbaumer)
  • Crack Card Switches (Edward Marlo)
  • Casual Card Add (Edward Marlo)
  • Marlo Double-Lift Get-Ready (Edward Marlo)
  • The Spread And Palm (Edward Marlo)
  • Cased-In Disappearance (Edward Marlo)
  • In Case Of A Miss (Edward Marlo)
  • Spring Control (Anton York)
  • The Delayed Sandwich (Edward Marlo)
  • Tilt Bit (Lynn Searles)
  • The Princess Card Trick (Tony Griffith)
  • 1835 Prediction (Edward Marlo)

1st edition 1975, reprinted 1976, 1st digital edition 2018, 58 pages.
word count: 87930 which is equivalent to 351 standard pages of text

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