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The Le Walke Mysteries
by Edward Bagshawe


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The Le Walke Mysteries by Edward Bagshawe

Here's an amazing ebook of new effects and improvements to magic and mentalism classics, from the fertile mind of a master craftsman. Long off the market, this updated and expanded edition brings to life 16 miracles from the workshop of George Le Walke, the genius and craftsman who created effects for several well-known magic dealers. These miracles of magic and thought-reading will get your mind to thinking of ways to add one or more of them to your own act.

While some of the described effects do require workshop skills, they can be constructed in most anyone's home shop. If you're not mechanically inclined, you can have them built by your local handyman.

Contents 16 effects in all, precisely described. Contents:

  • Preface
  • The Planet Mars
  • The Mystic Loops
  • The Spirit Scribe
  • The "Spirit" Clock Dial
  • New Slate Writing
  • The Le Walke Linking Rings
  • A Rope and Rings Effect
  • Transmutation Extraordinary
  • The Improved Twin Pillars
  • The Latest Tambourine Production
  • A New "William Tell" Shot
  • The Five and Dime Trick
  • The "Visible" Vanishing Tumbler
  • A Pip Perplexity
  • The Le Walke Watch Boxes
  • The Stretching Board
  • About the Author
"Contains 16 items, among which is the 'Planet Mars' effect, in which an examined ball rises and falls in a sealed glass tube." - Leo Rullman in The Sphinx

"...A compilation of Mr. Walke's favorite magical effects, (16 in all) and of such variety that one wonders why Mr. Walke has never been brought to the front ere this. The remarkable feature of this book is that all the tricks are workable even if some of them do need special apparatus." - Dr. A.M. Wilson in The Sphinx

"In this book, [LeWalke's] inventive ability is again well to the fore and for novelty we are disposed to plump for 'The Stretching Board.' The board, which is not faked, is measured by members of the audience. The performer, after a smoothing and 'stretching' process, has the wood again measured - it has increased in size." - Review in The Magic Wand magazine

1st edition ~1927, PDF 52 pages.
word count: 14225 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text