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The Little Secrets
by Frank Bonville

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The Little Secrets by Frank Bonville

A great book on the tricks of the trade of professional gamblers, how they cheat and get an advantage in the game. From the introduction:

It has been my fortune, or misfortune, whichever you wish to term it, to have traveled a good deal and to have observed not a little. I have engaged in more than one business; it pleased my fancy, and can say, with a pardonable pride, that I have met with some degree of success. During the past few years of my life I have studied human nature in all its phases, from its lowest forms in the gutter, in the slums, in the gilded dens of vice, in the gambling rooms, in society and in all other walks of life. In fact I have "taken observations" all along the line so to speak. I have watched the methods employed in running many a successful business and have gleaned a great deal of useful knowledge from successful business and professional men. This knowledge and these facts I have put together to the best of my ability. They have been and are useful to me. Why should they not be useful to others? For the benefit of those whose knowledge is limited and who desire to know of the ways of the world, I believe this volume will be of great value. The only other object I have in publishing it is to gather in the great American dollar--which we are all after and which is so hard to corral and so easy to get rid of.

  • Introduction
  • How The Count Down Is Played By Three Men In A Poker Game
  • How Signs Are Given On The Edge Of Cards
  • Characteristics Of A Professional Gambler
  • The History Of Dice
  • How An Up-To-Date Card Room Is Conducted
  • When Partners Wish The Pot Raised
  • How A Professional Gambler Tests His Ability
  • Signs Used By Partners On The Street
  • The Double Cross
  • How A Professional Poker Player Takes Care Of Himself
  • How Round Table Stud Poker Is Cheated
  • Chuck Luck And How Cheated
  • The High Deal
  • The Spread Cut
  • Value Of A Hand In Poker
  • Cards Marked With Fingernails
  • The Double Discard
  • Check Signs
  • Uses To Which A Pair Of Cards May Be Put
  • The Bill Hand
  • How They Play Twenty-One
  • How To Play Poker In A Big Game
  • The Haymow Shuffle
  • Envelope Work
  • Finger Joint Signs Used By Professional Card Players
  • Smeer
  • The Pocket Knife Game
  • How Poker Is Played
  • Strippers And How Made
  • Toothpick Or Cigar Signs
  • Phoney Jewelry Pick Out
  • Second Dealing
  • Seven Up
  • A Cold Deck Of Cards, And How They Play Them
  • The Jack Turned From The Bottom
  • Marked Cards
  • Dice And How They Handle Them
  • How They Win In A Keno Game
  • How Table Stake Poker Is Played In A Big Game
  • How To Settle Disputes In A Poker Room
  • Finger Joint Signs On The Front Of Finger For Cards
  • Roulette
  • Saving Stake Money
  • Gold Spectacle Grafters
  • Phoney Jewelry Grafter
  • Watch Grafter
  • Whiskey Grafter
  • Razor Grafters
  • How People Are Short Changed

1st edition 1904, PDF 29 pages.
word count: 14089 which is equivalent to 56 standard pages of text

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