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The Royal Road to Card Magic

by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

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The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard & Fred Braue

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The younger generation of card magicians probably knows or has heard of Card College by Roberto Giobbi. The Royal Road to Card Magic is very similar but of older vintage and doesn't cover as much ground. It introduces the novice into the art of card magic one move and principle at a time, always with tricks accompanying the moves. It is therefore not a mindless list of moves but a well prepared and thought out textbook. It will take the beginner to an intermediate level. Once The Royal Road to Card Magic has been mastered one can move on to Expert Card Technique which requires a higher skill level.

Actually because Expert Card Technique did not sell well when it was originally published in the 40s, Hugard and Braue wrote The Royal Road to Card Magic to provide a stepping stone to the much harder and less accessible Expert Card Technique.

(You might also be interested in the Annotated Royal Road to Card Magic.)

1st edition 1949, several reprints, ex. Dover 1999; 292 pages

  1. Introduction by Paul Fleming
  2. Preface

    Part One

  3. I. The Overhand Shuffle, I
  4. Position of the Pack in the Hands
  5. Execution of the Overhand Shuffle
  6. Using the Overhand Shuffle
  7. Controlling the Top Card
  8. Controlling the Bottom Card
  9. Retaining the Top and Bottom Cards in Position
  10. Top Card to Next to Bottom and Back to the Top
  11. The Run
  12. The Injog
  13. The Undercut
  14. Overhand Shuffle Control
  15. Retaining Top Stock
  16. Overhand False Shuffle
  17. Overhand Shuffle Practive Routine
  18. Tricks with the Overhand Shuffle
  19. Topsy-Turvy Cards
  20. A Poker Player's Picnic
  21. A Pocket Discovery
  22. Telepathy Plus
  23. Thought Stealer
  24. Pinkie Does It
  25. A Card and a Number

  26. II. The Riffle Shuffle
  27. Riffle Shuffle Control
  28. Retaining a Card at the Top of the Deck
  29. Retaining the Bottom Card or Cards
  30. Riffle Shuffle in the Air
  31. Tricks with the Riffle Shuffle
  32. An Instinct for Cards
  33. Mirror of the Mind
  34. Ultra Card Divination

  35. III. Flourishes
  36. Displaying the Top Card
  37. The Ruffle
  38. The Click
  39. Spread and Turnover
  40. Gathering the Ribbon-Spread Pack
  41. Springing the Cards
  42. A Flourish Count
  43. Throwing a Card
  44. Waterfall Shuffle
  45. The Fan
  46. One-Hand Fan
  47. Thumb Fan
  48. Pressure Fan

  49. IV. The Glide
  50. Design for Laughter
  51. The Observation Test

  52. V. The Glimpse
  53. Bottom-Card Glimpse I
  54. Bottom-Card Glimpse II
  55. Bottom-Card Glimpse III
  56. Top-Card Glimpse I
  57. Fan Peek
  58. Tricks with the Glimpse
  59. Gray's Spelling Trick
  60. Round and Round

  61. VI. The Key Card
  62. The Key Undercut
  63. Key Undercut Shuffle
  64. Tricks with the Key Card
  65. Do as I Do
  66. The Three Piles
  67. The Twenty-Sixth Card
  68. A Meeting of the Minds
  69. The Non-Poker Voice
  70. Intuition with Cards
  71. Sliding Key Card

  72. VII. The Palm
  73. Top Palm I (Single Card)
  74. Top Palm II (Several Cards)
  75. Palm Glimpse
  76. Replacing Palmed Cards
  77. Tricks with the Palm
  78. Card in the Pocket
  79. Now You See It!
  80. Grab-Bag Card
  81. Good-Luck Card
  82. Do It and Fail
  83. Gathering of the Clan
  84. Spring Catch
  85. A Vested Interest
  86. Piano Trick

  87. VIII. The Backslip
  88. Backslip Force
  89. Backslip Control
  90. Tricks with the Backslip
  91. Lightning Card
  92. The Tantalizer
  93. Under Your Hat

  94. IX. The Overhand Shuffle, II
  95. Injog and Break
  96. Overhand Break Control
  97. Overhand Lift Shuffle
  98. Lift Shuffle Force
  99. Spread and Break
  100. Holding a Break
  101. Spread and Break Control
  102. Tricks with the Overhand Shuffles
  103. The Sevens
  104. Obliging Aces
  105. Leapfrog
  106. Spectator's Card Trick
  107. A Poker Puzzle
  108. X. False Shuffles and Cuts
  109. Optical Shuffle
  110. Charlier Shuffle
  111. The Cut
  112. Palm Cut
  113. Tricks with the Shuffles and Cuts
  114. An Incomprehensible Divination
  115. Circus Card Trick
  116. Black Jack, Detective

  117. XI. The Double Lift and Turnover
  118. Double-Lift Glimpse
  119. Double-Lift Card Reverses
  120. Rapid Transit
  121. The Trey
  122. Ambitious Card
  123. Throughth and Consequences
  124. Insidious Dr. Fu Liu Tu

  125. XII. The Pass
  126. Riffle Pass
  127. Spread Pass
  128. Spring Pass
  129. Tricks with the Pass
  130. Off Agin, On Agin, Finnegin!
  131. Kangaroo Card
  132. Righting a Wrong
  133. Blindfolded Pack
  134. Double Speller

  135. XIII. Miscellaneous Flourishes
  136. Color Change
  137. Double Color Change
  138. The Changing Card
  139. Self-Cutting Deck
  140. A Pretty Cut
  141. Pop-Up Card
  142. A Bit of Byplay
  143. Charlier Cut
  144. Acrobatic Aces

    Part Two

  145. XIV. The Reverses
  146. First Method
  147. Second Method
  148. Third Method
  149. Fourth Method
  150. Reversed Location
  151. Tricks with the Reverses
  152. Spellbound
  153. A Tipsy Trick
  154. Double Reverse
  155. Mentalivity
  156. Mountebank Miracle

  157. XV. The Hindu Shufle and other Controls
  158. Hindu Shuffle Control
  159. Hindu Shuffle Force
  160. Hindu Shuffle Glimpse
  161. The Step
  162. Natural Jog
  163. Twelve-Down Riffle
  164. Tricks with the Hindu Shuffle
  165. All Change Here
  166. Ewephindit

  167. XVI. The Classic Force
  168. One-Hand Force
  169. Bottom Force
  170. Slide-Out Force
  171. Two-Card Force
  172. Riffle-Break Force
  173. Sliding-Key Force
  174. Double-Lift Force
  175. Cut Force
  176. Tricks with the Force
  177. Justice Card Trick
  178. Fours of a Kind
  179. Pulse Trick

  180. XVII. Top and Bottom Changes
  181. Top Change
  182. The Changing Card
  183. Top-Change Byplay
  184. Bottom Change
  185. Top and Bottom Changes

  186. XVIII. Arrangements
  187. Tricks with Arrangements
  188. The Selective Touch
  189. A Future in Cards
  190. Jacks Wild
  191. Think Stop
  192. Deal Away
  193. The Educated Cards
  194. Reds and Blacks

  195. XIX. Routines
  196. Routining Card Tricks
  197. A Table Routine
  198. Card-Discovery Routine
  199. Razzle-Dazzle Routine

    Part Three

  200. XX. Platform Tricks
  201. Conus Ace Trick
  202. Ladies' Looking Glass
  203. Everywhere and Nowhere
  204. Egyptian Pocket
  205. Cards to the Pocket
  206. Enlarging and Diminishing Cards
  207. Three Cards Across
  208. Everybody's Card I
  209. Everybody's Card II
  210. Index

word count: 94588 which is equivalent to 378 standard pages of text

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Reviewed by Robin Z
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 20 January, 2008

A classic in magic!

I can't accurately express how important this book is for a card magician. This book will teach all of the basic techniques for cards. This includes False Shuffles, Double Lifts, Hindu Shuffles, The Pass and many more. Along with the techniques you will find tricks that use the handling you have just learned.

If you really take the time to learn all of the techniques, as well as some of the tricks you will be better than most amateur card magicians.

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