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The Logar Scrolls
by Bryn Reynolds

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The Logar Scrolls by Bryn Reynolds
"It is with with profound pleasure that I can tell you the Logar Scrolls are now available! I have a lot of this material already. Bryn is one of the few creators whose material I actually USE in real shows. There is not one bit of filler is this book. There is not one weak effect. Everything is TOP NOTCH and totally professional. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at this release." - Richard Osterlind

"I love how Bryn has expanded a number of the principles as well (like BCP Wrist-Watch, Crystal Ball and the other one I won't mention out loud). These are all rock-solid routines, tools and principles." - Sean Waters

  • My "$" dollar bill serial number divination
  • "The $ KIT!" which are instructions on how to make it yourself
  • "3 Tips for $" from Jheff Poncher
  • "The Notebook" which is a small utility billet index / switching device
  • "Double-Down," my casino cards effect, as seen in Richard Osterlind's No Camera Tricks! DVD set
  • "Double-Down Bonus" utilizing a casino chip
  • "ESPnvelope"
  • "Coinsuke," a psychometric-type routine using coins
  • "Rifflethink" a dual playing card divination with multiple endings detailed, one by Richard Osterlind
  • "The BusinessCOIN Prediction" and several variations I have developed utilizing the "BCP technology"
  • "The Gift" by Richard Osterlind. Sort of an "add-a-no" but no gimmicks and a lot more personal and entertaining
Since some of these are the instructions for previously released individual effects, a small amount of "arts & crafts" is needed to construct the gimmicks. Most of you will already have what minor items you need at home. Some effects are new, and require nothing but pen and paper.
"Yes, I highly recommend this. And, yes, I have to admit that I'm a bit biased since I have a contribution in this. However, if one peruses my catalog, you'll see that quite a few of the included pieces in this e-book have already been covered individually and enthusiastically as previously separate releases ($, Double-Down, ESPnvelope, The BusinessCOIN Prediction). Everything in here can be considered good, solid workers. Period. The ONLY reason that I can conceive of any working professional not wanting this is because you have everything in here already. My only additional comment would be that most of these are close-up mentalism effects, but some can certainly be adapted to parlour or stage, if one wants. This is a sixty-five page downloadable e-book. As I said at the start, yes, I highly recommend this." - Jheff

"Another winner! Don't miss it!" - Luca Volpe

"His first book, 'The Safwan Papers', was packed with stellar material that was developed in the middle of a war-zone. Bryn's newest book, 'The Logar Scrolls', shares the same two distinctions: the material was conceived and developed by a working soldier in the field and again, it is ALL first-rate stellar. The Logar Scrolls makes me glad Bryn's on our side." - Mick Ayres

1st edition 2012, 64 pages.
word count: 21797 which is equivalent to 87 standard pages of text