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The Loudmouth 1

by Zac Eckstein
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The Loudmouth 1 by Zac Eckstein

A new series in Magic and Mentalism, here comes the Loudmouth. A short and direct ebook series striving to give you not only quality and tested material, but thoughtful pondering's on issues and subjects involving the magic world.

A demonstration of either incredible memory ability or a "remote viewing" act. You can accurately take a shuffled deck (by you and your spectator if desired) and either memorize, or remote view any suit called for over and over again to the decks completion. (Can even be done blindfolded.)

There is a box with an object inside of unknown identity. The spectator now will divine the object you have hidden, but with a surprise ending. Not only could he divine the object in the box, but you will prove to him that you knew he could do it all along, even before the show... One of the best kicker endings ever, you are going to love it!

An analysis of the man Dariel Fitzkee and his ground breaking work in The Fitzkee Trilogy, and why it was so controversial and would become mandatory reading for all who study this art-form.

A dissection on the different paths to creativity in magic and mentalism. There are four very clear roads you can take, which is the road for you? All of them!

1st edition 2018, 32 pages.
word count: 6494 which is equivalent to 25 standard pages of text

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