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The Magic of Pavel
by Pavel


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The Magic of Pavel by Pavel

This is the big book of Pavel's creative magic. A collection of some forty tricks using silks, ropes, cards, bottles and other objects, plus the author's philosophy regarding the creation of original magic. (A more detailed discussion of the innovative process used by Pavel can be found in his Magical Creation.)

Pavel lectured throughout the world, performed at the Magic Castle, at the Ed Sullivan show and countless other venues. Peter Warlock nicely characterizes Pavel's magic when he writes: "The beauty of Pavel's magic lies in its simplicity of plot and the simplicity of means to attain the necessary end. In this he has a strong affinity with another of magic's great inventors, Marconick."

Edited and foreword by Peter Warlock. Illustrated by Josef Manas.

1st edition 1969, original 139 pages, PDF 117 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Preface
  2. Author's Foreword
  3. Contents

    Part One Magical Creation

  4. Impression

    Part Two Take your choice! Magic for you!

  5. Tri-Colour Ropes
  6. Escapo Silk
  7. Three Beakers
  8. Confetti Game
  9. Colour-Knot
  10. Striped Rope
  11. The Packet of 19 Cigarettes
  12. Silken Balls
  13. Encore Records
  14. Prisoner Ring
  15. Knotted Ring
  16. Secret of the Ring
  17. Bottled Silk
  18. Wonderful Bottles
  19. New Colour Changing Balls
  20. Discolora
  21. Metamorphosis
  22. Op-Art Trick
  23. Travelling Rings
  24. 20th. Century Newspaper Silks
  25. Travelling Spots
  26. Jet Rope
  27. Extraordinary Die
  28. Square or Circle
  29. Simple Penetration
  30. Changing Silks
  31. Ultra-Combination
  32. Pavel's 'Blendo'
  33. Three in One
  34. Four Silks to One
  35. Travelling Knots
  36. The Yellow Rope
  37. Devil's Rope
  38. The Magic Organ
  39. Mixed-Up Wine and Water
  40. Geo-Mystical
  41. Confetti Shower
  42. Triple Ribbons
  43. Silks and Rings
  44. News-Silks Knotting

  45. L'envoi

word count: 26332 which is equivalent to 105 standard pages of text