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(4th April 1945 - 9th February 2011)

Pavel Pomezny's original magic is both astonishing to watch and easy to perform. He is the author of several books on magic and is known around the world for his magical creations. It is no wonder that the Academy of Magical Arts honored Pavel with the Creative Fellowship Award.

For decades now, the name PAVEL has been synonymous with some of the most innovative magic around. Pavel has mystified and entertained the public with his fantastic magical inventions while, at the same time, delighting and inspiring magicians the world over during his countless shows and lectures worldwide.

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Pavel's 15 Micro Tricks (used) by Pavel

This is a bilingual edition. Read from the front it is in English. Read from the back it is in German. Stapled booklet in good condition. For the content see the digital edition.

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Magnetische Magie (gebraucht) by Pavel

Heft geklammert in exzellentem Zustand. Zum Inhalt siehe die digitale Ausgabe.

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13 Gute Magische Tricks von Pavel (gebraucht) by Pavel

Heft geklammert in gutem Zustand. Zum Inhalt siehe die digitale Ausgabe.

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Successful Magic by Pavel

A collection of 15 effects with ropes, silks, balls, cards, ribbons, paper, glasses, canes, dice and other objects.

  • The Instant Silk
  • The Ribbon Prediction
  • A Rope Circle Routine
  • Rainbow Balls
  • The Black Die Prediction
  • The Knot Off The Rope
  • Newspaper Knotting II
  • The Ribbon Transposition
  • The Zebra Trick
  • Encore The Silk In The Knot
  • The Spotted Card
  • Six Ideas For Cane Workers

1st edition 1974, PDF 27 pages.

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Magic Selection by Pavel

These are the Pavel 1990 lecture notes.

  • Utility Pull
  • The Enchanted Mirror
  • Color Bet
  • Quadsilx
  • Silks From Silk
  • Sucker Blendo
  • The Yellow Rope
  • Jumping Knots
  • Silks & Rings
  • Card Paper Tear
  • New Silken Balls
  • Sucker Ribbons
  • The Universal Rope
  • Krazy Knot

1st edition 1990, 26 pages; PDF 35 pages.

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Pavel's 15 Micro Tricks by Pavel
  • The Mysterious Silk
  • The Rings In A Matchbox
  • Ultra Combination
  • Double Color Laces
  • The Odd Vision
  • Discolora
  • Square Circles
  • The Pocket Rings
  • The Pack Of 19 Cigarettes
  • The Traveling Queens
  • The Rings On Rope
  • Two Possibilities
  • Three Color Mystery
  • The Laughing Rabbits
  • The Secret Of The Ring

For the German edition see Pavel's 15 Mikro Tricks (German).

1st edition 1971; PDF 32 pages.

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Magnetische Magie by Pavel

Eine Sammlung von neuen mag(net)ischen Ideen für Bühne und Salon. Effekte mit Zauberstäben, Seilen, Tüchern, Spielkarten und anderen Gegenständen. Alle Tricks basieren auf der Verwendung von Magneten.

  • Der Zauberstab-Regenerator
  • Pavel's "Seil Durch Den Hals"
  • Seil Durch Den Körper
  • Pavel's "Seil durch den Körper"
  • Die Karte in der Luft
  • Das Wäscheklammer-Seil
  • Die Jahrhundert-tücher
  • Neue Tuch-Verkettung
  • Das flinke Seil
  • Seilring-Restauration
  • Perfekte Ring-Durchdringung
  • Der unmögliche Kartensteiger
  • Das springende Tuch
  • Der magnetische Zauberstab
  • Das Rätsel des gelben Knotens ...
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Colourful Magic by Pavel

A collection of some 15 effects with silks, ribbons, rings, balls, glasses, tubes, paper, dice, and other objects.

  • Instant Silk
  • Colorings
  • Jet Rope
  • Effecto Tube
  • Top Match
  • Test-A-Colour
  • Chameleon Die
  • Transpo Silks
  • Jumping Knots
  • Silken Trio
  • Knotty Rope
  • Ribbon Prediction
  • Travelling Hole
  • Sucker Restoration
  • Super Ball

1st edition 1980, 34 pages; PDF 33 pages.

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13 Gute Magische Tricks von Pavel by Pavel
  • Pavel's Glass Miracle
  • Viereckige Oder Runde Loecher
  • Seidenband Und Becher
  • Ringe Und Seile
  • Ring Escape
  • Pavel's Knots Off Silk
  • Die Reisenden Knoten
  • Drei Roehren Und Drei Baelle
  • Einfache Tuechervariationen
  • Geometrical Mystery
  • Teuflische Knoten
  • Pavel's Blendo
  • Die Voraussage Von Baendern
  • Colour Changing Balls

PDF 29 Seiten

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Pavel's 15 Mikro Tricks (German) by Pavel

Pavel ist wie immer innovativ und präsentiert neue Ideen und Varianten. Beschreibungen sind wunderbar illustriert von J. Manas.

  • Die Mysterioese Seide
  • Ringe In Der Zuendholzschachtel
  • Ultra-Kombination
  • Zweifarbige Schnuere
  • Das Geheimnisvolle Sehen
  • Discolora
  • Viereckige Kreise
  • The Pocket Rings
  • Das Paket Mit 19 Zigaretten
  • Die Damen Auf Der Reise
  • The Rings On Rope
  • Zwei Moeglichkeiten
  • Dreifarbiges Raetsel
  • Die Lachende Hasen
  • Das Geheimnis Des Rings

Für die Englische Version siehe Pavel's 15 Micro Tricks.

Erstausgabe 1971, PDF 32 Seiten.

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100% Magic by Pavel

A selection of some thirty varied tricks for stage, parlor and close up, illustrating practical examples of magical plots and their solutions.

These are lecture notes for one of Pavel's lectures. Most of the descriptions are pictorial. Pavel intended this as a memory aid for people who attended his lecture. The descriptions are therefore not necessarily complete or very detailed in all cases.

[You might also be interested in Troy Murphie's notes he took after seeing this lecture.

  • Silk on Rope (plot)
    • Loop-a-Silk
    • Tenkai Neck Tie and Silk
    • Pavel's Rope through Neck (with Silk or Necktie)
  • Miracle Silk Pass
    • Silk Vanishers
    • The Ethereal...
★★★★ $10
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The Magic of Pavel by Pavel

This is the big book of Pavel's creative magic. A collection of some forty tricks using silks, ropes, cards, bottles and other objects, plus the author's philosophy regarding the creation of original magic. (A more detailed discussion of the innovative process used by Pavel can be found in his Magical Creation.)

Pavel lectured throughout the world, performed at the Magic Castle, at the Ed Sullivan show and countless other venues. Peter Warlock nicely characterizes Pavel's magic when he writes: "The beauty of Pavel's magic lies in its simplicity of plot and the simplicity of means to attain the necessary...

★★★★ $35
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La Création Magique by Pavel

La Création Magique ou "COMMENT INVENTER UN TOUR"

La philosophie de l'auteur à l'égard de la création de la Magie originale. Cet ouvrage se divise en trois parties distinctes:

  • La théorie magique
    La première partie donne les grandes lignes de la théorie magique. Il s'agit d'un passage en revue des effets de base et des principes généraux utilisés à ces fins. L'auteur a également inclus une vue d'ensemble des principaux accessoires utilisés en magie.
  • Historique des inventions magiques
    La deuxième partie est un panorama de l'histoire de la création magique. L'auteur cite...
★★★★★ $15
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Kreative Magie by Pavel

Kreative Magie oder "Wie erfinde ich einen Trick?"

Die Philosophie des Autors zur Kreation originärer Magie. Das Büchlein besteht aus drei Teilen:

  • Magische Theorie
    Teil EINS: gibt einen kurzen Überblick über Magische Theorie. Die meisten Grundeffekte, die wichstigsten Prinzipien und Mittel werden dargestellt. Ergänzt wird das Ganze durch eine Zusammenstellung der grundlegenden Hilfsmittel.
  • Geschichte magischer Erfindungen
    Teil ZWEI: widmet sich der Geschichte der magischen Erfindungen und gibt einen kurzen Überblick über einige der brillantesten Erfinder und herausragendsten...
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Magical Creation by Pavel

Magical Creation or "How to invent a new trick"

The work consists of three distinctive parts

  • Part ONE renders a brief outline of magical theory. The review details most of the basic effects, major principles and means, complemented by a summary, of elementary props.
  • Part TWO relates to generalities of the history of magical creation, including a survey of some of the most distinguished inventors and outstanding magical feats of the last century.
  • Part THREE deals with the author's approach to magical creation, illustrating practical examples of effects and their solutions.
You will...
★★★★★ $15
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