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The Magic of Rachel Colombini
by Aldo Colombini

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The Magic of Rachel Colombini by Aldo Colombini

16 commercial routines using cards, balls, money, books and other props.

  • Card Control: A card chosen by a spectator matches a card previously placed face down on the table by the magician.
  • Blank-Mazement: Following the numbers of two dice, a spectator finds the only two printed cards in a packet of all blank cards.
  • Hats and Rabbits: You place a prediction on the table. While your head is facing away, a spectator places five cards with hats and a rabbit in any order, holding the packet of cards in his hand. You give the spectator some instructions, and at the end the cards are apparently in a random order. When the prediction is shown, it has the same order as the packet held by the spectator.
  • Special Delivery: You remove two cards from a regular deck of cards; say the Queen and the King of Hearts. You also tell a story about the couple being courting. The two cards are placed one on top of each other and after nine months (well, you do not have to wait that long!) a miniature card (the Jack of Hearts) appears from between the two cards; a complete family: Mum, Dad and the baby.
  • Three-Card Trip: Two ten-card packets are clearly and openly shown (no false counts here and actually a spectator can count these cards) and three cards pass from one pile to another.
  • Elimination: You introduce a cloth bag and four colored balls and you make a prediction. The four balls are in the bag and three spectators reach into the bag and remove a ball each (no force whatsoever). One ball remains and this you show. When your prediction is displayed, it is seen that you predicted that this color would be left until the last! You can keep this trick in your pocket, yet you can use it on the largest stage to stunning effect. Only one bag used. This is not a changing bag.
  • Diagonally: You show nine colored cards with Harry Potter themed pictures on them. You place the cards face up on the table and a spectator selects one by placing a coin on a card (free choice). You open an envelope and show that you have predicted the same picture.
  • Vantage Point: You shuffle a deck of cards and show it face up. A spectator cuts the deck several times and finally he cuts it into three face-down piles. He selects a card from one packet and inserts it into another pile and shuffles it. The deck is then assembled. Nobody knows where this selected card is (including you!). Now using a magic spell, you reveal the selected card. This is stunning! In a second routine, the spectator deals the deck in piles eliminating all but one card: The selected one.
  • The Gauntlet: The performer introduces two decks of cards. He spreads one face down across the table in front of a spectator. Taking the other deck, he spreads it face up in front of himself. The spectator is asked to push any card forward (no force) from his face-down spread; he does so, and the performer pushes one card, say the 7C, forward from his face-up spread. This, he announces, matches the card the spectator has pushed out. The spectator turns his card face up, but it is the KH. The performer turns over his card and it is seen to have a miniature KH stuck to its back.
  • Gifted: You show some cards with different toys on them. A spectator imagines that he's buying a gift from the pictures of toys you are showing. You also have two cards printed with wrapping paper. He thinks of a gift and he spells off the mentally selected picture. Once the card at the end of the spelling is reached, it is placed between the two wrapping paper cards, making a 'gift packet.' When this 'packet' is 'open,' it is seen that it contains the mentally selected picture. Can be repeated with a different picture, no force at all.
  • Marauder's Map: A map leads you to a stunning prediction.
  • Sorcerer's Stone: While your head is facing away, a spectator places five colored stones in a row on the table. You give the spectator some instructions eliminating, during this procedure, four stones. The selected stone is the one remaining in front of the spectator. Can be repeated immediately and everything can be examined.
  • Chipping Away: You show cards with poker chip of different values printed on them. These cards are handed to a spectator who positions them end to end, while your back is turned. The spectator is asked to note the color of the last chip at each end of the line. Amazingly you were able to predict those two chips! Can be repeated with a different outcome.
  • Baffling Book: You give a book to a spectator. Three numbers are freely selected making a number of a page. The spectator opens the book at that page and you are able to tell him the first three words of the selected page.
  • Zodiac Code: cover plastic glasses. Then you show a board which carries the names of the months of the year. A spectator is requested to point to the month of his birth, say April. The board is reversed showing many colored squares and the correct square is arrived at using the number of the selected month; for example green. The green bag is removed and a duplicate of the correct card is shown in the glass. The other bags are removed and each glass is full of money (or other stuff).
  • Sorcerer's Surprise: You show two sets of colored cards with Harry Potter themed pictures on them. You shuffle one of the packets and set it on the table. A spectator mixes the other pile and sets it on the table alongside your pile. When the cards from both sets are dealt, the cards have arranged themselves into matching pairs of pictures.

1st edition 2011; 25 pages.
word count: 8123 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text

Reviewed by David Dunlap (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 13 May, 2022

I always loved Rachel’s magic. This book has got some great magic in it and is very easy to do. I actually bought this book to get her “Elimination” effect. Great little piece of mentalism.