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The Master Magician's Packet
by Howardi & B. W. McCarron

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The Master Magician's Packet by Howardi & B. W. McCarron

Packed into this ebook are 20 wonderful magic and mental effects ranging from impromptu demonstrations for parties to club, platform and stage effects.

Long off the market, this updated and expanded edition includes new presentations, illustrations and bonus content. If it's comedy magic you're after, McCarron includes his Scandinavian Flying Fish, Budget Cuts and Whisky on the Brain routines. For a change of pace, Einstein the Educated Dove will have your audience believing that your dove is psychic. Mentalists and mental magic performers have not one, but two book tests to choose from. They look so clean that you'll be tempted to perform them in a library setting. You'll also put Howardi's Simplex Card Code to the test right away, it's that good. All this and more -- 20 effects in all to choose from.


  • Introduction
  • The Fabulous Flying Fish Act (plus Mindreading Fish variation)
  • Winter FANtasy
  • The Educated Dove
  • Dancing and Floating Handkerchief
  • Clippo Capers
  • Bare Hand Silk Production
  • Locating the Selected Card (plus Alternate Presentation)
  • Comedy with a Lota Vase
  • Color Changing Balloon
  • The Cup of Plenty
  • Pasteboard Numerology
  • Simplex Card Code
  • Miracle Book Test
  • Budget Cuts
  • Phantom Goldfish Production
  • Perfecto Book Test
  • Never Miss Card Trick (with Turncoat Card variation)
  • Needle Through Balloon Mystery
  • Fun with the Magic Funnel
  • Whisky on the Brain
  • Stretching a Banana (with Advertising Giveaway bonus)

PDF 56 pages
word count: 15073 which is equivalent to 60 standard pages of text