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The More the Merrier
by Tom Richardson

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The More the Merrier by Tom Richardson

The More the Merrier covers four different routines for the advanced card worker.

3x More Ambitious
A modern version of the classic Ambitious Card performed with three cards. The spectators will not believe their eyes as cards appear, disappear and visually change in front of their eyes. The routine also includes a Card to Pocket and a strong finish where the rest of the deck disappears - leaving only the three selected cards behind!

Catch Me If You Can
This bonus routine is thoroughly entertaining to perform and watch. Under test conditions three cards repeatedly turn face up in a face down deck. Routine includes a kicker ending.

Miracle in the Middle
A spectator chooses five cards from the deck. He is asked to look at one of these, return it to the packet and shuffle the cards. The rest of the deck is now returned to the card case. The magician immediately names the selected card and shows that he now only has four cards. The spectator is asked to remove the deck from the case and discovers his card face up on top of the pack.

Unbelievable Ace Cutting
This effect begins with the deck mysteriously cutting itself to reveal the first ace. The magician then counts down and the spectator stops him at any point to reveal the second ace. From this point, the name of the third ace is spelled out to reveal it and finally, the spectator chooses any number between 1 and 30. The fourth ace is discovered at the number chosen.

While some of the material in Tom Richardson's "The More the Merrier" is technically demanding, the author does an excellent job of explaining each routine, as well as all of the necessary moves. Photos of the author's hands are provided throughout.

1st edition 2005; 26 pages.
word count: 84 which is equivalent to 0 standard pages of text