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Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson, magician, has been entertaining audiences over the last decade, working largely with his own inventions, creating a startling blend of magic and mentalism which leaves the audience shocked, amazed and desperate for more. Tom's magic is not for the beginner, and takes practice, but the end result is worth it.

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Tom Richardson

The More the Merrier by Tom RichardsonThe More the Merrier covers four different routines for the advanced card worker.

3x More Ambitious
A modern version of the classic Ambitious Card performed with three cards. The spectators will not believe their eyes as cards appear, disappear and visually change in front of their eyes. The routine also includes a Card to Pocket and a strong finish where the rest of the deck disappears - leaving only the three selected cards behind!

Catch Me If You Can
This bonus routine is thoroughly entertaining to perform and watch. Under test conditions three cards repeatedly turn face up in...

2006 / 3 / 28

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Tom Richardson

Fallout by Tom RichardsonFallout is an impromptu and devilishly clever, mentalist’s card to pocket. The spectator chooses a card from a deck that he has shuffled, and returns the card. The magician never sees the faces of any of the cards. Yet he still manages to read the spectator’s mind and work out the name of the card. The magician reaches down into his pocket and removes the selected card.

No Forces! The spectator does almost all the work! There's only one real 'move' in the entire routine...The card can even be signed!

You will receive a manuscript explaining all aspects of the trick in high detail...

2006 / 3 / 28

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