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The Parasol Act
by Stephen Ablett

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The Parasol Act by Stephen Ablett

The Parasol Act was the opening routine in my children's show between 2008 and 2013. It was also featured in my competition act and adult cabaret shows. The routines taught in this download video was perfected primarily for children. It requires no jacket, no restrictive holders, can be performed wearing a short-sleeve shirt, and at the end of the act without fear of the parasols opening early. The only restriction is that your shirt must be tucked out at the back.

For the main routine; I produce five single parasols, and a final triple giant parasol after manipulating cocktail umbrellas. While you are free to use the entire routine as taught, know that it is played heavily for comedy with children and while I do teach my entire competition act that was done for adults, what you will learn the most from this project is the holder I use, how I lock them in place, how I display them after producing so they are out of the way, the flow of the routine from thimbles to silk to parasols, the various finishes and the speed and ease of the set-up.

This is a single camera in the kitchen recording. Its production values are low. But hopefully the knowledge I share will be of use to anyone looking at Parasol Magic for their own use.

There are five live performances of the act in front of a real audience before the full explanation.

1st edition 2015, length 70 min