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The Power of Perception
by Arthur Setterington


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The Power of Perception by Arthur Setterington

PERCEPTIONISM - The recognition of audible or visible signals, transmitted voluntarily, or involuntarily, which reveal personal traits and idiosyncrasies. The interpretation of these signals may be used in a variety of ways by the receiver.

The majority of the effects described, are "mental" items, but the psychic approach has been eliminated in favour of the psychological, and the demonstrations appear to be based on natural, rather than supernatural happenings.

The person presenting this routine, is a demonstrator, not a magician, and the articles used should suit the style of the demonstration; chromium plated tubes, and glitter finish boxes, usually acceptable in magical performances are not desirable.

The items required are readily available, at low cost, or similar effects, already in the reader's possession, may be used in the place of those described in the routine, bearing in mind the advice given in the preceding paragraph.

The spectators, witnessing the demonstrations, are under the impression that they know how the results are obtained, but they still give credit to the demonstrator for his apparent skill, and interpretation, in the field of Perceptionism.

The routine is concerned with people, rather than things, and the items have been adapted to the personal angle, As one famous magical writer explains: "People are far more interested in your revelation of their grandmother's birthdate, than in the naming of a selected playing card".

  • The Power of Perception
  • Introduction (A Lecture - Demonstration)
  • Demonstration Number One
  • Demonstration Number Two
  • Demonstration Number Three
  • Demonstration Number Four
  • Demonstration Number Five
  • Demonstration Number Six
  • Demonstration Number Seven
  • Demonstration Number Eight
  • Introduction to the Methods used in The Power of Perception
  • Requirements at a Glance
  • Conclusion

1st edition 1976, 35 pages; PDF 33 pages.
word count: 6734 which is equivalent to 26 standard pages of text

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