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The Quick and the Dead
by Al Mann

The Quick and the Dead by Al Mann

The book deals exclusively with living and dead tests. It gives a detailed history of the effect and how David Abbott was fooled by mediums doing this. Learn inner secrets from the mediums on how to reveal the names of dead relatives. Simply ingenious methods that will startle you with their cleverness. Mann goes into much detail on these tests and ways to learn the names of dead relatives. Some of these methods were later revamped by Mann and released as other effects but using the basic methods. Mann also teaches you a creepy effect, called Empty Graves, where a person writes the name of a dead person on one of twenty unmarked billets. They are dropped in a hat and mixed by the VIP. He attempts to divine which billet contains the dead name, but fails, no matter how many times he chooses a billet. Yet the psychic, quickly reaches in and gets the correct vibes and removes the slip containing the dead name. Not only that but then reveals the dead person's name. If the performer is so inclined at this point he can go into a trance a give a message to the person from the dead relative.

Note that this manuscript comes unbound in a package of loose sheets, the way Al Mann stored them. You can bind them anyway you like, or leave them unbound, perhaps only hole punch them and put them in a binder.

14 pages

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