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The Rich Uncle from Fiji
by M. P. Adams


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The Rich Uncle from Fiji by M. P. Adams

A classic textbook containing numerous swindles for those who desire to take down and rope the public! It is unique in that it has the only written description of the coin purse swindle - complete with photographs. Many of these cons are being used today, some with minor changes and some exactly as they were played when Rich Uncle was written. There are monte mobs working today in the same manner they worked a hundred years ago.

published 1911 by The Exchange Press, Melbourne; later reprinted by Gamblers Book Club, Nevada; 64 pages

Table of Contents


  1. Foreword
  2. Rich Uncle from Fiji Yarn
  3. The Wood Hawker
  4. "Oh, What A Beautiful Voice!"
  5. "The Bouncer"
  6. The Bon Bon Swindle
  7. The Cheap Jack
  8. "The Faker"
  9. Some "Heads" and a Little Fight
  10. "The Dropper"
  11. The Ticket Snatcher
  12. A Hint to Business Men
  13. "The Whisperer"
  14. The Bonanza
  15. Yankee Sweat
  16. The Ancient Ped Relates
  17. Thimble Rigging
  18. The Three Broads
  19. The Pogue Player
  20. The "Straight" Pogue
  21. The "Ring" (Changed) Pogue
  22. Jinking
  23. Ringing the Changes
  24. Ringing the Changes (Another System)
  25. The Bold Bad Baron

word count: 17901 which is equivalent to 71 standard pages of text