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The Right Way To Do Wrong
by Harry Houdini

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The Right Way To Do Wrong by Harry Houdini

This is a fun book to read. Great stories about pickpockets, burglars, bunco men, thiefs, and others. Houdini collected interesting cases talking to detectives, and police chiefs. The book describes the methods used to scam innocent victims. Some of these schemes are still popular, which shows again, that one can learn a lot from the past.

published 1906 by Harry Houdini, Boston MA; later reprinted by Gamblers Book Club, Las Vegas; 96 pages

Table of Contents


  1. Preface
  2. Shot One - Income of a Criminal
  3. Shot Two - Professional Burglary
  4. Shot Three - Difficulties of Burglary
  5. Shot Four - Burglars's Superstitions
  6. Shot Five - Thieves and Their Tricks
  7. Shot Six - The Aristocrat of Thievery
  8. Shot Seven - Pickpockets at Work
  9. Shot Eight - Beggars and Dead Beats
  10. Shot Nine - Begging Letter Swindlers
  11. Shot Ten - Tricks of Bunco Men
  12. Shot Eleven - The Game of Wits
  13. Shot Twelve - Fake! Fake! Fake!
  14. Shot Thirteen - Bogus Treasures
  15. Shot Fourteen - Famous Swindles
  16. Shot Fifteen - The Fair Criminal
  17. Shot Sixteen - The "Brace" Game
  18. Shot Seventeen - Cheating Uncle Sam
  19. Shot Eighteen - Humbugs
  20. Shot Nineteen - Houdini
  21. Shot Twenty - Conclusion

word count: 26590 which is equivalent to 106 standard pages of text