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The Shade: SOHO trilogy book 2
by Gregg Webb

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The Shade: SOHO trilogy book 2 by Gregg Webb
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This is book 2 in the SOHO (Sleight of Hand only) trilogy. The other two are SOHO and The Lizard Wizard's Diary.

"Gregg Webb has been marching to the beat of a different drummer for the past couple of decades. His wonderful handcrafted magazines contain great magic that is fun to perform. Why sweat the hard stuff when you can fool laymen - and your magic buddies - with stuff that is sneaky rather than difficult?" - Joe McKay
  • The Key on the String
  • There's the Rub II
  • Heads I Win. Tails I Win.
  • Real-Gone Queens Revised
  • What is Shade?
  • Coins Across 2017
  • "Hocus" plus "Pocus" Equals "Presto"
  • Egg and Salt
  • 3-Ball Tricks
  • Simplified Cards and Hairbands
  • The Return of the All-Nite Card with Himber Wallet and Buddha Papers
  • Chien Ping Han
  • Another Signed Card
  • In Conclusion
One of the unique features of this ebook is that it is beautifully hand-lettered.

1st edition 2018, 40 pages.
word count: 205 which is equivalent to 0 standard pages of text

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