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SOHO: Sleight of Hand Only: Book 1
by Gregg Webb

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SOHO: Sleight of Hand Only: Book 1 by Gregg Webb
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This ebook includes innovative sleight of hand routines for the modern magician. A familiarity with basic sleights is required. This is book one of a trilogy. The other two titles are The Shade and The Lizard Wizard's Diary.

From the Foreword by Doug MacGeorge:

Gregg is a professional artist and teaches very high-level courses on drawing and animation, always coaxing the best from his students and instilling an appreciation of nuance and - this is important - helping them unleash their own individual styles. As you read this collection of tricks, you'll see the same level of encouragement as he guides you through his thinking processes and toward his challenges to become a better magician.

Gregg expects nothing less for himself. He's always working on a better angle, or a better method when he develops a new effect. I'm always happy to be on the receiving end when he calls me to describe a new subtlety or trick... most of the time, I say to myself "wow - why didn't I think of that?"

"I really enjoy Gregg Webb's creativity, clear explanation, and excellent routines in S.O.H.O." - Ed Brown, author of The Feints and Temps of Harry Riser
One of the unique features of this ebook is that it is beautifully hand-lettered.
  • Foreword by Doug MacGeorge
  • Introduction by Joe McKay
  • Improved Klondike Poker
  • Copper Silver Brass Handling
  • Open Travelers with no Extra Card
  • Larry Jennings - What A Guy! The Poker Trick
  • Best Coins Across
  • World's Shortest Cups and Balls Routine
  • Seventh Inning Stretch!
  • 1 Bent Coin
  • A Stooge Is Better - Sometimes
  • There's The Rub
  • G.M.W. Poker
  • Webb's Matrix
  • In Conclusion

1st edition 2017, 38 pages.