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The Shank Shuffle
by Edward Marlo


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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The Shank Shuffle by Edward Marlo

Here is a deceptive, all purpose false shuffle that every card man will be able to do. Marlo's detailed steps of instruction brings this revolutionary technique into sharp focus and also gives you some very magical effects using it. Students of card magic will find this provocative, controversial treatise an important addition to Riffle Shuffle arcana. Newcomers will be introduced to the skills and workings of front-rank card magic.

  • Foreword
  • Commentary
  • The Shank Shuffle
  • Marlo's Variations Of The Shank Shuffle
  • The Work
  • To Keep An Alternated Red-Black Set-Up
  • The Shank Shuffle With Block Transfer Applied
  • To Transpose With The Shank Shuffle
  • The Shank Shuffle With Block Shuttle
  • Triumph As A Disguised False Shuffle
  • Think - Named Triumph
  • Restoring The Order Of The Deck
  • Second Procedure
  • Third Procedure
  • Fourth Procedure
  • Fifth Procedure
  • Sixth Procedure
  • The Re-Setting Riffle Shuffle Stack
  • Marlo's Upward Riffle
  • Deal Us In
  • Center Card Or Block Transfer
  • Multiple Choice Triumph
  • Face-Down Center Transfer
  • The Pickups
  • The Hard Way
  • A Digression
  • Triumph Over Four
  • Impromptu Think Triumph
  • Streamlined Think Triumph
  • Concluding Observations

1st edition 1972, PDF 96 pages.
word count: 27006 which is equivalent to 108 standard pages of text