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The Sharper Detected and Exposed
by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

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The Sharper Detected and Exposed by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin

The first part consists of stories about cardsharks and other crooks from Robert-Houdin's recollections. This is very readable and an entertaining part of the work. The second part explains some of the technical details of the methods used by cardsharks. However, the methods are for the most part only described in very rudimentary form. As Robert-Houdin writes himself, this is not meant as a way to teach you how to do it, but merely to give the reader insight in how the different ruses are accomplished. Nevertheless, it provides interesting insight into the ways and means of cardsharks.

This work was translated two more times. In 1881 by Prof. Hoffmann, published under Card-Sharping Exposed and in 1903 by Hilliar, published under The Card Sharpers.

  • Preface
  • An Anecdote By Way Of Introduction
  • The Tricks Of Sharpers Exposed
  • CHAPTER I: Modern Greeks
  • CHAPTER II: The Greek Of Fashionable Life
  • CHAPTER III: The Greek Of The Middle Classes
  • CHAPTER IV: The Greek Of The Tripot
  • CHAPTER V: A Greek Taken In The Fact
  • CHAPTER VI: The Gambler Raymond
  • CHAPTER VII: Edifying History Of A Greek
  • CHAPTER VIII: Secret Gambling-Houses
  • CHAPTER IX: Secret Gambling Houses—(continued)
  • CHAPTER X: The Doctor Duped
  • CHAPTER XI: The Paste Ring
  • CHAPTER XII: An Infamous Snare
  • The Technical Part
  • General Rules The Different Tricks Practised At Games Of Cards
  • CHAPTER I: The False Cut
  • CHAPTER II: To Change A Card
  • CHAPTER III: The Abstracted Card
  • CHAPTER IV: The Card Replaced
  • CHAPTER V: The Carte A L’oeil, Or Glance
  • CHAPTER VI: The Substitution Des Jeux, Or Pack Of Cards Changed
  • CHAPTER VII: The False Shuffle
  • CHAPTER VIII: Doctored Cards
  • CHAPTER IX: The Chaplet, Or Rosary
  • CHAPTER X: The Ring For Marking
  • CHAPTER XI: The Reflecting Snuff-Box
  • CHAPTER XII: Application Of The Preceding Principles
  • CHAPTER XIII: Entertaining Tricks
  • CHAPTER XIV: Minor Cheats Of Men Of The World

1st edition 1863, 268 pages; PDF 140 pages.
word count: 48227 which is equivalent to 192 standard pages of text

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