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Card Sharpers by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & William John Hilliar

Subtitled: Their tricks exposed or the art of always winning

Translated from the French of Robert-Houdin, first published in 1861, by William J. Hilliar. Robert-Houdin wrote this book primarily as an expose to reduce the number of people being cheated. He writes in his preface: "Enlighten the dupes and there will be no more cheats."

This work was first translated in 1863 under the title The Sharper Detected and Exposed. In 1881 Prof. Hoffman translated it anew and brought it up to date under the title Card-Sharping Exposed. It is not clear why Hilliar would do a new translation in 1903. Perhaps he felt he could ride Erdnase's coattails after his groundbreaking The Expert at the Card Table published in 1902.

1st edition 1903; original 201 pages; PDF 145

Table of Contents



  3. A Dangerous Teacher
  4. CHAPTER I: The Modern Greeks
  5. CHAPTER II: The Greek Of The Fashionable World
  6. CHAPTER III: The Greek Of The Middle Class
  7. CHAPTER IV: The Greek Of The Gambling Hell
  8. CHAPTER V: A Greek Caught In The Act
  9. CHAPTER VI: The Gambler Raymond And His Infallible System
  10. CHAPTER VII: Instructive History Of A Greek
  11. CHAPTER VIII: Illegal Gambling Hells
  12. CHAPTER IX: Secret Gambling Hells
  13. CHAPTER X: Bleeding The Doctor
  14. CHAPTER XI: The Paste Ring
  15. CHAPTER XII: An Infamous Ambush


  16. General Principles Of Cheating At Cards
  17. CHAPTER I: The False Cut
  18. CHAPTER II: Destroying The Cut
  19. CHAPTER III: The Pass Stroke
  20. CHAPTER IV: The Jump
  21. CHAPTER V: The Big Card
  22. CHAPTER VI: The Bridge
  23. CHAPTER VII: Drawing The Card
  24. CHAPTER VIII: Withdrawing Cards
  25. CHAPTER IX: Placing The Cards
  26. CHAPTER X: Seeing The Card
  27. CHAPTER XI: Changing The Packs
  28. CHAPTER XII: The Box Under The Cuff
  29. CHAPTER XIII: False Shuffle
  30. CHAPTER XIV: Cut Cards
  31. CHAPTER XV: Marked Cards
  32. CHAPTER XVI: Cards That Stick Or Slip
  33. CHAPTER XVII: Cards Not Cut On The Square
  34. CHAPTER XVIII: Pricked Cards
  35. CHAPTER XIX: Cards With Marked Edges
  36. CHAPTER XX: Cards With Bent Corners
  37. CHAPTER XXI: Cards With Designs At Back
  38. CHAPTER XXII: Spotting The Backs Of Cards
  39. CHAPTER XXIII: The Chaplet
  40. CHAPTER XXIV: The Marking Ring
  41. CHAPTER XXV: The Snuff-Box
  42. CHAPTER XXVI: Application Of The Preceding Principles
  43. CHAPTER XXVII: Trick At Piquet
  44. CHAPTER XXVIII: Trick At Ecarte
  45. CHAPTER XXIX: Lansquent Concealed Cards
  46. CHAPTER XXX: Observation On Games For Four Players
  47. CHAPTER XXXI: Amusing Trickeries
  48. CHAPTER XXXII: Ecarte
  49. CHAPTER XXXIII: Trick At Ecarte
  50. CHAPTER XXXIV: Another Trick At Ecarte
  51. CHAPTER XXXV: Baccarat
  52. CHAPTER XXXVI: Whist
  53. CHAPTER XXXVII: Bouillotte
  54. CHAPTER XXXVIII: Beqique
  55. CHAPTER XXXIX: Trick At Picquet
  56. CHAPTER XL: Little Tricks Innocent Through Use

word count: 44342 which is equivalent to 177 standard pages of text

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