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Card Sharpers by Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin & William John Hilliar

Subtitled: Their tricks exposed or the art of always winning

Translated from the French of Robert-Houdin by William J. Hilliar. Robert-Houdin wrote this book primarily as an expose to reduce the number of people being cheated. He writes in his preface: "Enlighten the dupes and there will be no more cheats."

1st edition 1903; original 201 pages; PDF 145

Table of Contents



  3. A Dangerous Teacher
  4. CHAPTER I: The Modern Greeks
  5. CHAPTER II: The Greek Of The Fashionable World
  6. CHAPTER III: The Greek Of The Middle Class
  7. CHAPTER IV: The Greek Of The Gambling Hell
  8. CHAPTER V: A Greek Caught In The Act
  9. CHAPTER VI: The Gambler Raymond And His Infallible System
  10. CHAPTER VII: Instructive History Of A Greek
  11. CHAPTER VIII: Illegal Gambling Hells
  12. CHAPTER IX: Secret Gambling Hells
  13. CHAPTER X: Bleeding The Doctor
  14. CHAPTER XI: The Paste Ring
  15. CHAPTER XII: An Infamous Ambush


  16. General Principles Of Cheating At Cards
  17. CHAPTER I: The False Cut
  18. CHAPTER II: Destroying The Cut
  19. CHAPTER III: The Pass Stroke
  20. CHAPTER IV: The Jump
  21. CHAPTER V: The Big Card
  22. CHAPTER VI: The Bridge
  23. CHAPTER VII: Drawing The Card
  24. CHAPTER VIII: Withdrawing Cards
  25. CHAPTER IX: Placing The Cards
  26. CHAPTER X: Seeing The Card
  27. CHAPTER XI: Changing The Packs
  28. CHAPTER XII: The Box Under The Cuff
  29. CHAPTER XIII: False Shuffle
  30. CHAPTER XIV: Cut Cards
  31. CHAPTER XV: Marked Cards
  32. CHAPTER XVI: Cards That Stick Or Slip
  33. CHAPTER XVII: Cards Not Cut On The Square
  34. CHAPTER XVIII: Pricked Cards
  35. CHAPTER XIX: Cards With Marked Edges
  36. CHAPTER XX: Cards With Bent Corners
  37. CHAPTER XXI: Cards With Designs At Back
  38. CHAPTER XXII: Spotting The Backs Of Cards
  39. CHAPTER XXIII: The Chaplet
  40. CHAPTER XXIV: The Marking Ring
  41. CHAPTER XXV: The Snuff-Box
  42. CHAPTER XXVI: Application Of The Preceding Principles
  43. CHAPTER XXVII: Trick At Piquet
  44. CHAPTER XXVIII: Trick At Ecarte
  45. CHAPTER XXIX: Lansquent Concealed Cards
  46. CHAPTER XXX: Observation On Games For Four Players
  47. CHAPTER XXXI: Amusing Trickeries
  48. CHAPTER XXXII: Ecarte
  49. CHAPTER XXXIII: Trick At Ecarte
  50. CHAPTER XXXIV: Another Trick At Ecarte
  51. CHAPTER XXXV: Baccarat
  52. CHAPTER XXXVI: Whist
  53. CHAPTER XXXVII: Bouillotte
  54. CHAPTER XXXVIII: Beqique
  55. CHAPTER XXXIX: Trick At Picquet
  56. CHAPTER XL: Little Tricks Innocent Through Use

word count: 44342 which is equivalent to 177 standard pages of text
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