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The Spectator Knows
by Devin Knight

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The Spectator Knows by Devin Knight

Apparently give a random spectator temporary psychic abilities.

This is the same routine that was used by Dunninger in his stage shows, according to the late Al Mann. Two spectators are invited on stage. A deck of cards is shown and shuffled and a lady selects one and returns it to the deck. She does not show the card to either the mentalist or the other spectator. The mentalist again shuffles the deck and says, "We all have psychic powers, if we would just develop them."

The magician then hands the deck to the other spectator and says go to the corner of the room and look through the cards and see if you can use your psychic ability to find a card that stands out from the others. Remove that card and put it on the front of the deck and then come back over here.

The lady returns to the mentalist and the other spectator and shows the card on the front of the deck. Amazingly, she has found the selected card!

In this release, Devin Knight gives you three different clever methods for creating an instant stooge (without whispering) using a random spectator, all working a different way, so you can choose the one you prefer. You get the version done by Dunninger, another version developed by U. F. Grant and finally, the version developed by Devin Knight. All are easy to do and none require any difficult sleights. In fact, in the Dunninger version, even the mentalist doesn't know the selected card until the second spectator puts it on front of the deck and the first spectator confirms she is correct.

All three methods are explained in detail, including tips on how to make these routines run smoothly. These are tips and handlings that can only be shared from someone who has been doing these routines for years.

1st edition 2018, 9 pages.
word count: 2368 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text