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Even More Of My Favorites
by Paul A. Lelekis


(2 reviews, 6 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Even More Of My Favorites by Paul A. Lelekis

Learn Paul's new Muscle Pass in 10 seconds.

Two of Paul Lelekis' best-selling e-books, My Favorites and My Favorites II, prompted yet another book of superb effects: Even More Of My Favorites

Many pictures and two videos teaching The New Muscle Pass. Mentalism, card magic, a brilliant assembly, ESP, Torn & Restored (two different tricks!), a coin technique, and lots of comedy. All patter is included. Plus two bonuses:

1) The new Muscle Pass. You're gonna love this. Learn the secret to this New Muscle Pass in just 10 seconds - not 10 months...that's what I said...learn it in 10 seconds. And the coin will "fall up" even higher than the original Muscle Pass. Make the coin fly up two or three times higher. It's easy..."Smoke" your buddies at the next meeting.

2) Impromptu ESP. An amazing ESP technique for an impromptu reading at any gathering, that is not only easy to do - but is also 100%. This may be the strongest thing you do...ever!

Dubble Bubble Trubble is an amazing torn and restored gum wrapper effect that starts clean and ends clean.

Torn & Restored 'Boo-Boo' - Tear a large piece of paper Up...but you "accidently" drop one of the pieces on the floor. Oh-No! The kids are gonna go nuts. But when the paper does restore, it all restores back, except for that one piece that fell on the floor - and it matches up perfectly. Watch the kids scream that you messed up.

Reversal of Fortune - A Marlo idea, coupled with a technique by Paul that will bring your Assemblies to a new height. This sleight (with a complete Assembly included), will bring many new ideas for 4 Ace tricks, to mind. Make your assemblies and transpositions even more "impossible" to fathom.

Impromptu Pellet Mental Epic - An easy method of performing this classic of magic that is even more deceptive than the original and easier to perform. Mentalism at its finest.

'Tricky' Prediction - The 'construction' of this effect allows the magician to "switch a card" while your hands are being "burned". The magician 'goofs up' the trick...but then he makes good. It is a transposition that will stun everyone.

A Performance Teach-In.

Paul actually uses four of the included tricks to teach every aspect of performance, why certain actions are better to use, and why they work. Learn how to use these techniques for "cleaning up" many of your own routines that you use now, and make your performances as smooth as silk. Be a real Pro. Also learn a couple of excellent card forces that will bring your card magic to new levels.

[Note: If any of the videos appear upside down in your video player use a different video player such as the free VLC. Some video players, like Windows Media Player, do not recognize the orientation flag in the video file and thus may be playing back some videos in the wrong orientation.]

1st edition 2018, 27 pages.

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 03 January, 2019

Like many of Paul's ebooks, this one contains a great cross section of effects. There is something for everyone. All effects are explained in great detail, as Paul walks you through the methods and performances with understanding and thoughtfulness. The Muscle Pass video alone is worth the cost. When Paul says you can learn it in seconds, he's on the up and up. I will be recommending 'Even More of My Favorites' to all my friends and readers. Good stuff...

Reviewed by Christopher Weber
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 31 December, 2018

Even More of My Favorites by Paul Lelekis opened a new door for me. I had given up on the Muscle Pass, then Paul's version came along and the next thing you know, I was doing a Muscle Pass!! Hooray!" You'll love this Bonus effect. Worth the price of the book right there! The book contains some nice well thought out routines that really work well. I particularly enjoyed the non-card effects like Doubble Bubble Trubble and the Torn & Restored Boo-Boo. Two cool torn and restored effects that are perfect for a kiddy shows or just fun to perform anywhere for anyone. Lots of opportunity for some great laughs and audience interaction. Another non-card I totally enjoyed is the Impromptu Pellet ESP. A Mental Epic routine that's just perfect for informal situations. Little or no real preparation and it will play really big! Another one that's great for table hopping and can easily open the door to some fun audience interaction and presentational ideas. Paul's advice and performance tips on Impromptu ESP are a welcome addition to this book. Solid advice on gathering information that will aid you in making for a smooth ESP effect performance that will keep it casual and relaxed. World Class recommendations here, a wonderful reference!