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The Sphinx Volume 13 (Mar 1914 - Feb 1915)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 13 (Mar 1914 - Feb 1915) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19141
The Editor Picture3
The World Of Magic4
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Diem4
- New York Magical Notes Joe Klein4
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp4
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler4
- The Demons' Club Of Baltimore Magicians Charles F. Oursler5
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domalski5
- Spot-Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard5
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp6
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery6
- London Letter Yelma6
- Glasgow, Scotland News W.E. Bell7
- News From Melbourne, Australia J.P. Goulston7
- Magic - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow George Frederick Schulte7
DeLand's Vanishing Pack Of Cards By Theodore L. De Land 8
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford8
- Handkerchief Production Paul R. Rockwood9
- A Pocket Outfit9
- The Ring And String9
New Version Of An Old Trick By Isadore Altman9
Armspach's Card From Pocket9
Another Rising Card Idea By Clarence T. Hubbard9
The Editor's Page10
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott11
- Dunninger's New Vanishing Card11
- Tricks Performed With Thumbs Tied Together11
Programs For Magicians By De Vega12
- Program No. 5 Inca Mysteries12
- Inca History12
Uncle Felix's Correspondence Column13
Another Rising Card Idea Continued from Page 9)14

NO. 2: APRIL 191421
English Notes Owen Clark23
De Land's One Line Engraving23
The World Of Magic Joseph A. Klein24
- New York Magical Notes24
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn, Clarence T. Hubbrd24
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski24
- Pittsburg Association Of Magicians24
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery25
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp25
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler25
- Notes From Quebec, Canada B.L. Leclanche26
- London Letter Yelma26
- Glasgow Notes W.E. Bell26
A New "Old" Levitation By F. Carson Blair27
A Novel Flourish By Syril Duesenbery27
Laurant - Raymond - Thurston Picture28
Fun For Everybody Laurant28
Gleanins From The Classics By George Schulte28
The Harlequin In The Box (The French Clown) By H.F.C. Suhr29
Bubbles By Charles Waller30
Joe Webber's Remarkable Mind Reading Feats31
Programs For Magicians By De Vega32
- The Paccari Tampu Myth32
- The Rise Of The Incas32
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott33
- The Inexhaustible Box Illusion33
The Editor's Page34
A Series Of Coin Passes By Tom C. Bonney35
A Floating Wand By Harry Podmore35

NO. 3: MAY 191445
"Jawn" Hrapkiewicz Bio47
A Box Of Mirth L.C. Steele47
An Effective Card Trick By V.P. Scaletti47
The World Of Magic48
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Diem48
- New York Magicical Notes Joseph Klein49
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler49
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians49
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski50
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard50
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery50
- London Letter Yelma50
Uncle Felix's Correspondence Column Satire51
Some Passes With A Watch C.J. Stillwell52
Difficulty In Keeping Pledge53
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott53
- Invisible Aid For Color Work53
The Editor's Page54
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford55
- The Linking Rings55
- Dyeing Handkerchiefs55
- Rising Card55
Programs For Magicians By De Vega56
- Inca Mysteries56
- Appearance Of Rocco57
A Spinster Says That57
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger57
- Dunninger's Chinese Disks57
The Magic Drum By H. Syril Dusenbery58

NO. 4: JUNE 191465
Keller And Ching Ling Foo Bio67
A Novel Manipulating Screen By E. Noel Dransfield67
The World Of Magic68
- S.A.M. Banquet Francis J. Werner68
- Notes From Toronto, Canada R.H. Frankel68
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp69
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski69
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard69
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor69
- London Letter Yelma70
- English Notes Fred Sinclair71
Another Spirit Handkerchief By Dr. E.G. Ervin72
The Self-Rising Cards Combination72
Phonetics Of A Pack Of Cards By R.W. Hoel73
The Editor's Page74
The Spirit Light By H. Syril Dusenbery75
Didn't Work Joke75
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford75
- Cards From The Pocket75
- The Dice Box75
- Stilwell's Passes75
- The Rising Silk75
Programs For Magicians By De Vega76
- The Girl In The Frame76
- The Mantle Of The Sun76
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence76
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott77
- Magic Today77

NO. 5: JULY 191485
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger87
- A Novel Coin Holder87
How To Swallow A Table Knife By H.B. Keckley87
The World Of Magic88
- S.A.M. Report R. Van Dien88
- Magical Society Of Wheeling, W. Va. Paul R. Semple89
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski89
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard89
- Toronto News R.H. Frankel89
- Manchester, England, Letter E. Noel Dransfield90
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor90
- London Letter Yelma90
- English Notes F. Sinclair91
Mind Reading Is Costly91
How Mind-Reading Performanceds Are Imitated By Hereward Carrington92
Catching The Chosen Card Bt Clarence T. Hubbard93
Professional Curiosity93
The Rising Cane93
The Editor's Page94
Sleight Of Hand94
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford95
- Magic Literature95
- The Four Aces By Robert G. Aitchison95
Programs For Magicians By De Vega96
- Inca Set96
- The Sacred Falcon96
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott97
- Magic Today97
- The Ball, Canister And Cage97
More Prose Poetry Philosophy97
Amateur Department Concluded98
Information Wanted Theodore L. De Land98
Odds And Ends By H. Syril Dusenbery99
Some Aboriginal Derivations By J.T. Kelsey99

NO. 6: AUGUST 1914105
C. Victor Dealy Bio107
To Thread Forced Cards So They Will Not Get Out Of Place By Russell107
Bradley's Magic By Erfort Bradley107
- Bradley's Hat Mystery107
The World Of Magic108
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner108
- Pittsburgh Association Of Magicians Will F. Buford108
- News From Nowhere H. Butler108
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler109
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski109
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard109
- Report Of Wheeling Magical Society Paul R. Semple109
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor110
- London Letter Yelma110
"Saccaboni" (Monologue) By Will Gardner111
The Effect Of A Smile By Clarence T. Hubbard112
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Satire112
Sphinx Items By C.T. Entwistle112
Helping Some112
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford113
- The Amateur Organization113
The Editor's Page114
The Restored Card By H. Syril Dusenbery114
Ja-Mo. Cigarette And Match Trick By H.I. James115
Just A Little Salve By Ento115
A Simple Spirit Hand (Wine Not) By Ento115
De Land's Inverto Card Trick116
A Card Trick By C.J. Wilson116
Pocket Tricks By H. Syril Dusenbery116
The Blocks In The Box By H. Syril Dusenbery117
Cremation Outdone Harry Louine117
A Thimble Act By Geo. Sutherland117
To Thread The Rising Ball Spindle Russell118

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1914125
W.H. Domzalski Bio127
A Magician (Poem) O.S. Teale 127
The Magician's Ally Truthful127
Table Tops By H.J. Podmore127
The World Of Magic128
- News From New York Queercus128
- Mephisto Club, Philadelphia, Pa.128
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski128
- Wheeling Magical Society Paul R. Semple129
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery129
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard129
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor130
- London Letter Yelma130
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery130
- Harry Kellar130
Sharp Points G.F. Schulte131
A Novel Glove Vanish Idea By Charles Neil Smith132
Conjuring Quips132
Observations By Trebor132
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Satire132
Read This And Become A Mathematical Wizard By R.W. Hoel133
Favorite Songs Of Magicians133
The Editor's Page134
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger135
- The Dunninger Handkerchief Vanish135
De Land's Card Locator135
Programs For Magicians By De Vega136
- Program No. 5 (Continued)136
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford136
- The Latent Magician By Dave Schwartz136
- Novelty Rope Production By H. Syril Dusenbery136
Tricks With Numbers By H. Syril Dusenbery137
Freaks In Figures By J.L. Harbour137
Vaudeville Chatter By Schulte137

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1914145
Dr. L.M. Homburger Bio147
A Sweet Song147
The World Of Magic148
- S.A.M. Report Francis J. Werner148
- Chicago News And Notes148
- New York News Queercus148
- Thurston's Tour148
- Newton's Route148
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp149
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn Clarence T. Hubbard149
- National Conjurers Association Of New York149
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.. Domzalski150
- Wheeling Magic Society Paul R. Semple150
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler150
- Rhode Island Society Of Magicians Carl Fischer150
- Chicago Magicians Club P. Taylor151
- Demons Of Baltimore, MD. C.F. Oursler151
- Order Of Magi Arthur Taylor151
- London Letter Yelma152
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford152
- To The Amateurs Of America152
The Japanese Wonder Screen By Davis C. Fitzkee153
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire153
Be Yourself (Poem) By Wm. C. "Turtle"153
The Editor's Page154
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott155
- The Devil's Cards155
- The New Devil's Pass155
The Flying Fish J. Herman Ash155
The Emergency Dial Clarence T. Hubbard155
A Unique Card Effect156
Bradley's Magic By Erfort Btadley156
- Bradley's Color Changing Die156
New Version Of Traveling Bouquet156
A Few Suggestions By Edward Reguera157
Originalities by Geo. Warren Dickins157
Steamboats All At Sea By C.T. Hubbard157
A Few Facts That May Be Of Interest Regarding The Magician And The Art Of Magic By Laurant158
Mother Goose Conjuring Rhymes By Harry J. Podmore158

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1914165
T.J. Crawford Bio167
Two Original Tricks By W.J. Blackburn167
- A Card Trick167
- Paper Bag Cooking167
Such Is The Power Of Fate By J.W. Sargent167
The World Of Magic168
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner168
- New York News Items Queercus168
- Society Of Twin Cities Magicians L.H. Van Camp169
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbs169
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.M. Domzalski169
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery169
- Chicago Magicians' Club Perry Taylor170
- Chicago News And Notes170
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler170
- The Mephisto Club Of Philadelphia Howard F. Kenna170
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor171
- Manchester Letter E. Noel Dransfield171
- London Letter Yelma171
- Magical Doings In Toronto R. Frankel172
- In London Town Masque172
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford172
- The National Order Of The Sphinx172
- Magic172
The Spirit Card By Joseph A. Boyd173
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Satire173
The Editor's Page174
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger174
- The Dunninger Crystal Ball174
A Hint By Russell174
Another Way To Tear A Deck Of Cards By Larry Spruhan175
Bradley's Magic By Erfort Bradley175
- The Bread Mystery175
- The Homing Coin176
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery176
- Carl J. Stillwell176
The Handkerchief In The Wine Bottle By Russell177

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1914185
Chats With Magicians by H. Syril Dusenbery187
- Angelo Lewis - Professor Hoffman187
The World Of Magic188
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner188
- Society Of St. Louis Magicians188
- J. Hilliar Route188
- Marshal P. Wilder's Tour188
- New York News Notes Queercus188
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp189
- Chicago News And Notes Perry Taylor189
- Chicago Magicians Club Perry Taylor189
- Magicians' Club Of New York Dave Schwartz190
- News from Quebec, Can. A. Lachance190
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler190
- Demons Of Baltimoere, Md. Charles Fulton Oursleer190
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard191
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski191
- San Francisco Notes H. Syril Dusenbery191
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor192
- London Letter H. Rice192
Simple Coin Dropper By Russell192
The Ghostly Card By G.H. Baxter192
The Superior Glass Of Water Vanish By Charles Neil Smith193
An Idea Surpreme By Count R. Reimer, Jr.193
The Psychological Pencil And Card Trick By W.S. Bates193
Ode To An Egg by Marco (E.W. Puhl)193
The Harlequin Die By J.G.F. Holston, Jr., M.D.194
- The Harlequin Die Continued195
The Editor's Page196
Tact By Marco197
Thoughts Of A Thinker By George Frederick Schulte197
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford197
Poem By Al Baker197
Novel Mental Effect With Cards By Carold Kingsburgh198
The Magness Box For Vanishing Dove198
Rogers' Rising Cards Ford B. Rogers199
Patches Of Patter by Schulte199
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott200
- The Ball, Handkerchief And Cup200
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Satire200
The Magician's Lexicon by Harry J. Podmore201

NO. 11: JANUARY 1915209
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery211
- Theo. Bamberg211
The World Of Magic212
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner212
- Society Of St. Louis Magicians C. Frederic Hiestand212
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery213
- Rhode Island Society Of Magicians R. Capasso213
- New York News Items Queercus214
- Magicians' Club Of New York Maurice Roth214
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler214
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor214
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp215
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard215
- Professional Magicians Mutual Protective Association215
How To Tell A Card With Face Down On Table With Any Deck Of Cards By Arcoma (H.A. Brooks)215
Uncles Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire216
Did The Devil Invent A Deck Of Cards? By Marco216
A Home-Made Ventriloquist Figure By Wm. Roberts217
Russell's Jumping Cards By Russell217
Daffy Deceptions By Harry J. Podmore217
- An Iron Changed Into A Ball217
- The Disappearing Sausage217
- How To Balance A Feather On The End Of The Nose217
The Editor's Page218
Correction And Refutation218
Marshall P. Wilder Obit218
A Simple Slate Writing Effect By Valentine219
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford219
- The National Order Of The Sphinx219
Coin Vanish And Recovery by T.C. Bonney219
From Here, There And Everywhere (Poem) By George Frederick Schulte219
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott220
- Billiard Balls220
- Ball Vanish220
History Of The First Pocket Handkerchief By Marco220
A Good Trick For Children's Entertainment By J.P. Ornson221
A Novel Way Of Naming A Chosen Card By Harry J. Podmore221
The Wonderful Intelligence By Carlo Nizzini222
The Inexhaustible Tumbler by Paul Fuchs222
The Box And Bowl For Appearing Handkerchief By Russell223
Fame By George Frederick Schulte223

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1915229
Svengali Bio231
The Spelling Cards By Clarence T. Hubbard231
Some Magic By Jos. Dunninger231
- The Dunninger Production Cabinet231
The World Of Magic232
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner232
- New York News Queercus232
- Demons Of Baltimore, MD. Charles Fulton Oursler232
- St. Louis Notes C. Frederic Hiestand233
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn, Clarence T. Hubbard233
- The Chicago Magicians Club Perry Taylor233
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp234
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery234
- Rhode Island Notes R. Capasso234
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler234
- Magicians Club Of New York Maurice Roth234
- Order Of The Magi Arthur Taylor235
The Konical Konjuring Kusses Krasy Kantankerous Kane By Perry Taylor235
Uncle Feelix's Correnspondence Column Satire236
The Plate Lifter And Its Uses By J.P. Ornson237
A Simple, But Effective, Message From The Spirit World By Dr. E.G. Ervin237
Chance Of Escape237
The Editor's Page238
W.H.H. Pugh Obit239
Colored Liquids From A Pitcher Of Clear Water239
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford239
- Our Organization239
- Programs239
- Turbano239
- Handkerchief Production239
Handkerchief Production By Henry Morgan240
Magnus Color Changing Ball by Magnus240
Nath's Noiseless Coins240
Rising Cards By Raymond Beebe240
Reasons Why By Herbert Brooks240
The Great Gallows Trick By Jack A. Kleschner241
Patter (Miser's Dream) by Sheldon Simms242
Flags And Handkerchiefs David Coleman242
Here Is A Simple Chart To Locate Any Card Called For By Arcona244

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