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The Sphinx Volume 14 (Mar 1915 - Feb 1916)
by Albert M. Wilson


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The Sphinx Volume 14 (Mar 1915 - Feb 1916) by Albert M. Wilson
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NO. 1: MARCH 19151
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery3
- Clarence T. Hubbard3
Also Ran (Poem)3
The World Of Magic4
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner4
- New York News Items By Queercus4
- The Magicians' Club Of New York Maurice Roth4
- Providence, R.I., News C. Fischer4
- The Chicago Magicians' Club Jerry Taylor5
- New And Notes From Chicago Perry Taylor5
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski5
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery5
- St. Louis, Mo., Notes C. Frederic Hiestand6
- What's On In London Yelma6
- London Letter H. Rice6
- National Conjurors' Association6
- Rhode Island Notes R. Capatto6
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard7
- Demons Of Baltimore, MD. Charles F. Oursler7
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler7
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire8
Improvement On Morgan's Handkerchief Production By G.C. Bowen8
Old Time Shackles Wm. C. Turtle8
Catalogue Apparatus Vs. Natural Objects by Laurance W. Spitari9
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford9
- To The Amateurs Of America9
- The Organization9
The Editor's Page12
Dead Or Alive12
Revolving Servante By Dr. J.E. Pierce13
Conjuring Quips13
A Levitation13
That's Magic13
Moore Magic By Wm. Moore13
- Wand Production From Unprepared Handkerchief13
It Can Be Done (Poem)13
To Change A Rabbit Into A Handkerchief By J.P. Ornson14
C. Fischer's Cascade Coin Pass14
Jibs And Jabs By Schulte15

NO. 2: APRIL 191521
Stanley Collins Bio23
Elevating Magic By Dr. E.G. Ervin23
Conjuring Quips Harry J. Podmore23
The World Of Magic24
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner24
- New York New Items Queercus24
- Chicago News And Notes Perry Taylor24
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski25
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp25
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler25
- The Magicians' Club Of New York Maurice Roth25
- The Society Of St. Louis Magicians Edw. D. Southwick26
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery26
- News For Magicians From Providence, R.I.26
- Rhode Island News R. Capatto26
- Philadelphia Notes Dr. J.E. Pierce26
- Demons Of Baltimore, MD. Charles Fulton Oursler27
Patter By Sheldon Simms27
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Columnn Satire28
A New Humorous Card Act By Laurance W. Spitari28
Fascination Of Magic Not Dead29
The Editor's Page30
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford31
- Dr. Wilson Honorary President31
- The Traveling Corks31
Wine And Water Trick - The Real Way R.B. Kingsland31
A Substitute For The Mirror Glass By Richard F. McKinney31
An Effective Card Combination By Walter J. Blackburn31
Vanishing Pack Paul Fuchs32
New X-Ray Card Trick J.E. Pierce32
Ornson's Favorite Hat Trick By J.P. Ornson32
Robert Houdin Club Of Kansas City Picture33
A Coin Pass Hervey P. Clark33
Bradley's Magic By Erfort Bradley34
- Something New34
- Two Methods Of Disappearing Feather Flowers34
Degrees For Magicians Harry J. Podmore35

NO. 3: MAY 191541
Bancroft Bio43
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery43
- Dana Walden43
The World Of Magic44
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner44
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery44
- Society Of Twin City Magicians L.H. Van Camp45
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler45
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland45
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard46
- Laurant's Tour46
Required Good Security46
Dunninger's New Palming Billiard Ball46
Coin Pass Or Vanish By Thumbs Only By Claton W. Rosencrans46
Eureka Color Change, One Hand By L. Sampson46
The Sucker Die Box By Dr. E.G. Ervin47
One Out One Under By R.M. Rhodes47
Production Of Silks by F.H. Ford47
Production Of Fifty Handkerchiefs By J.P. Ornson47
Flag Vase By Preston L. Hickey47
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire48
Do You Know? By F.J. Stratman49
The Soliloquy Of A Conjuror's Guinea Pig Larry W. Spitari49
The Editor's Page50
One On Effie Charles N. Smith50
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford51
- Earth, Air, Fire And Water Paul R. Rockwood51
Ten Budding Conjurors (Poem) By Laurance W. Spitari51
Inhumanaha, An Addition To It By L. Sewell51
The Pass - Another Method By R. Henderson51
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott52
- Regarding Ventriloquial Dialogues52
- Five Minute Dialogue For One Figure52
Protean Cone By G.C. Bowen52
Horseshoe Shaped Cabinet By H.A. Brooks53
Some More Pertinent Axioms By Clarence T. Hubbard53
The Mango Trick53
The Trickster Tricked53
A New Rising Card W.B. Gibson53
New Ball Moves By George Warren Dickens54
The Magic Game As A Hobby By George Frederick Schulte54

NO. 4: JUNE 191561
"Jawn" Hrapkiewicz Bio63
Patter And Wit By Laurance W. Spitari63
Magical Tips By Laurance W. Spitari63
The World Of Magic64
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner64
-- Annual Banquet64
-- What is The S.A.M.?65
- San Francisco News H. Syril Dusenbery66
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magician H. Syril Duysenbery66
- Rhode Island Society Of Magician66
- The Magicians' Club Of New York Maurice Roth67
- The Society Of St. Louis Magicians Geo. J. Huesmann67
- Society Of Detroit Magicans W.H. Domzalski67
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland67
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire68
A Message From The Invisible World By Joseph Zimmerman69
Chatter And Patter By Schulte69
The Editor's Page70
The Egg Bag - Some Original Effects With An Old Stand-By By Dr. E.G. Ervin71
A Card Trick By T.C.Bonney71
A New Handkerchief Production By W.B. Gibson71
National Order Of The Sphinx Edited By T.J. Crawford72
A Card Trick By R.B. Kingsland72
A Wrinkle For The Torn Card Effect By C.J. Hagen72
Billiard Ball Vanish By Courtney Cauthorn72
A Few Suggestions72
Bradley's Magic By Erfort Bradley73
- Color Changing Umbrella73
- A Trick Of Fancy73
A Tip On The Germain Jars By Paul R. Rockwood73
How "Not" To Become A Successful Drawing Room Entertainer By Laurance W. Spitari74
Card Transformation By William Gorman74

NO. 5: JULY 191581
Four Magic "Bugs'83
Billiard Ball Illusion By Louval B. Sugarman83
Joe Knapp Obit83
The World Of Magic84
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler84
- Providence, R.I. Notes C. Foster Fenner84
- The Magicians Club Of New York Benjamin J. Pressman85
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski85
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard85
- Notes From Baltimore, MD. Charles T. Oursler85
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland85
- Food for Thought G.G. Laurens86
An Invisible Servante By Dr. E.G. Ervin86
The Mummy - An Illusion By Charles Waller87
The Study Of Magical Misdirection By George Frederick Schulte87
A Lost Thumb By F.W. Warren88
The Restored Turban - An Origianl Method By H.B. Keckeley88
A Billiard Ball Series By Tom C. Bonney89
Life's Game Of Cards (Poem) By W.C. Turtle89
To Find A Selected Card By Clyde La Clair89
The Editor's Page90
A Coin Vanish And Recovery By T.C. Bonney90
Confetti - Egg Transposition By S.G. Bowen90
Twists Of Fancy By Lionel Scott91
- Five Minute Dialogue For One Figure Continued91
National Order Of The Sphinx T.J. Crawford92
- Handkerchief, Ink Bottle And Apple By C. Arthur Spratt92
- A Unique Opening By Clarence T. Hubbard92
- The Amateur Organization92
- A Surprising Growth Of Flowers By J.P. Ornson92
- The Materialized Coin By C. Arthur Spratt92
Bradley's Magic By Erfort Bradley93
- Knife Konjuring93
Rules For Magicians Harry J. Podmore93
The Umbrella Mystery E.R. Bradley93
A New Handkerchief Color Change By (Langley) Preston L. Hickey93
Two Handkerchief Effects Wm. McQuade94
The Olympic Council A. K. Goodwin94
Remarks Of Remarkable Magicians By George Schulte94
Snapshots By George Schulte96
A Magician's Thoughts By George Schulte96

NO. 6: AUGUST 1915101
Servais Le Roy Bio103
The Floating Ball By Carroll Ritchie103
Stage Talk By George Schulte103
The World Of Magic104
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler104
- Magic Club Of New York City David Schwartz104
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard104
- National Conjurer's Association Sheldon Simms105
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski105
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland105
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians> H. Syril Dusenbery106
News From Minneapolis C.A. George Newmann106
Another Item From Minneapolis S. Lionel Poziski106
Gee, I Wish I had Them Books By G.G. Laurens106
The Magical Situation By Clarence T. Hubbard107
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire108
A Good Card Effect By C. Arthur Spratt108
Chapeaugraphy In Shadow By Clarence T. Hubbard109
The Vanishing Bowl Of Water By Eedo109
A New One - O-N-E Trick B.O. Donnell109
A Good Hat Trick109
Chevalier Thorn Poster109
The Editor's Page110
Patter For Prestidigitators By George Schulte111
A Magical Henhouse By Clarence T. Hubbard111
Billiard Ball Through Hat Effect By Preston Langley111
The National Order Of The Sphnix T.J. Crawford112
Unsurpassed Color Change By T.J. Crawford112
The Twentieth Century Again Paul R. Rockford112
A Variation Of The Egg Bag By Joe Gooch112
A Few Wrinkles By Edwardo112
An Effective Color Change A.K. Goodwin112
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery113
- Karl Germain113
The Absentee By Richard F. McKinney113
Cone Trick By Henry Morgan113
Spiritualistic Effects By J. P. Ornson114
- Spirit Bench114
The Die And Hat Trick Made New By F.W. Warren114
Magazine Exposures By Dr. E.G. Ervin116

NO. 7: SEPTEMBER 1915121
Richard Van Dien Bio123
Chats With Magicians By H. Syril Dusenbery123
- T. Nelson Downs123
Modern Magic123
The World Of Magic124
- Notes From Baltimore, MD. Charles Fulton Oursler124
- The Magicians Club Of New York David Schwartz125
- Spot Lights Here And There Clarence T. Hubbard125
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski125
- Magazine Exposures D.J. Lonergan125
- Food For Thought A.K. Goodwin125
Ready To Negotiate125
A Spasm Of Verse Edward G. Meyrick125
Magical Use Of Thermos Bottles By Clarence T. Hubbard126
A New Effect With A Flag Vase By Harry J. Podmore126
The Enchanted Rice By Theo. Bamberg126
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire127
A Good Billiard Ball Trick By Edwardo127
The Card Bridge By F.W. Warren128
About A Pack Of Cards By G.G. Laurens129
Editor's Page130
Mystery In The Midwest By Saram R. Ellison, M.D.131
The Rising Cards Again By R.L. Henderson131
National Order Of The Sphinx T.J. Crawford132
- Ball Vanisher By C. Arthur Spratt132
Magazine Exposures By T.J. Crawford132
Rell M. Woodward Obit132
The Appearing Card By Richard F. McKinney132
Smokes - A Match And Cigarette Combination By H.B. Keckeley132
Original Tips by Charles Morris133
A Scotch Trick - Glass! Go! By Morgan And Peterson133
L. Cohn's Billiard Ball - Hand Pyramids By L. Cohen133
Schulte The Magician Says-133
Spiritualistic Effects By J.P. Ornson134
- The Great Rope And Bag Mystery134
What's The Use? (Poem) By Wm. C. Turtle135

NO. 8: OCTOBER 1915141
Jasper Elroy Burlingame Obit143
The World Of Magic144
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner144
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski145
- Society Of Twin City Mgicians145
- Spot Lights From Hartford, Conn. Clarence T. Hubbard145
- The Rhode Island Society Of Magicians C. Foster Fenner146
- The Magicians Club Of New York David Schwartz146
- Notes From Baltimore, MD. Charles Fulton Oursler146
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler146
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland147
- S.A.M.147
Salverte G.G. Laurens148
Sphinx Readers Wm. A. Russell148
A Bit Of Advanced Vaudeville For Evening Amusement By F.W. Schaefer149
Handkerchief Production By T.C. Bonney149
Editor's Page150
The Charm Of Magic By George Frederick Schulte150
Dr. Saram R. Ellison Bio & Picture151
A Simplified Method Of Producing A Large Bowl Of Water By Dr. E.G. Ervin152
Crystal Target Improved By G.S. Cawood152
The Yogi Bare-Arm Vanish By Charles Dietric152
Collapsible Dummy For Asrah Illusion By W. G. Pauly153
Diverting Jottings By La Vellma (D.J. Lusstig)153
The Latest Floating Table By J.P. Ornson154
The Original Handkerchief Tube Phantao154
Combination Handkerchief Trick That You Can Make Yourself By Zig Zag154
Footlight Chatter By Schulte155
Schulte's Paragraphs156
An Ode To Thurston Davis Adler156

NO. 9: NOVEMBER 1915161
James Tully Kelsey Bio163
Old, But Good By James Tully Kelsey163
Ink And Water Change By J.P. Ornson163
The World Of Magic164
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner164
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery165
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W. H. Domzalski165
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland165
- More Magic In Providence, R.I. C. Fischer166
- Demon's Club Of Baltimore, MD. Robert W. Test166
- W.F. Harrington Obit166
An Effect With Two Chink Cans Harry J. Podmore166
A Simple Method Of Flag Production by J. Paull166
The Sublime Of Magic By G.G. Laurens167
Entertaining Locally By Clarence T. Hubbard168
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire168
Editor's Page170
Suggestions By Edwardo170
A New Handkerchief And Candle Trick By Christianer171
Combination Of Deland's Devil's Own Effect And Haunted Ace By Wm. McGrew171
Card Punctuation For Spirit Photo Trick By Edwardo171
A Collapsible Lamp for Magicians And Jugglers By J.P. Ornson172
A Suggestion For Improved 4-Ace Trick By Jacob Chasnoff172
The Mystic Frame by Chester B. Morris173
The Shifting Silks By H.C. Kleemann173
An Old Trick Made Effective By Arthur J. Moose174
The Complete Vanish By L. Cohen174
My Method Of Working The Spirit Slates By Arthur J. Moose174
Magically Speaking By Schulte176

NO. 10: DECEMBER 1915181
To The Fellow Who'll Take My Place183
The World Of Magic184
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner184
- Notes From Baltimore, MD> Charles Fulton Oursler184
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski184
- Buffalo News Ladson Butler185
- The Rhode Island Society Of Magicians C. Foster Fenner185
- The Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery185
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland186
The Acme Change By Arthur J. Moose186
A Wrinkle On The French Drop W.B. Gibson187
Cups And Balls By F.W. Warren188
Ink, Wine And Water By L. Cohen189
Magic VS. Public By Silent Mora189
Editor's Page190
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford190
- The Amateur A Potent Factor190
- A Good Opening Trick For Amateurs191
- The X-Ray Card Trick By C.W. Stevenson191
- A Novel Coin Pass By T.C. Bonney191
- The Spirit Card And Envelope By T.C. Bonney191
The Creation Of A Knocker And A Booster191
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column Satire192
Handkerchief In Candle By L. Cohen193
L. Cohen's Vanishing Rabbit By L. Cohen193
Replated Paragraphs By Schulte194
Reading The Hand194
Poems Ra Mel194

NO. 11: JANUARY 1916201
Anthony Martinka Bio203
Schulte's Chatter203
Imro Fox Picture203
The World Of Magic204
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner204
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski205
- The Dying Tube (Poem) Ra Mel205
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard206
- Magical Doings In Providence, R.I. C. Fischer206
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery206
- Order Of The Magi Wilfred Leyland206
- Magician's Club, London Stanley Collins206
Stop Thief (Poem) Ra Mel206
A Coin Move By Dr. E.G. Ervin207
Beats 'Em All Card Rising Trick By A. Kellar Goodwin207
A Chameleon Billiard Ball And Water Trick By Victor Maxwell208
The New Change In Rising Cards By L. Cohen208
A Toast W.D. Nesbit208
Wonderful Trick208
The Tormenting Telephone James W. Winter209
Editor's Page210
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford211
- Pierced Pack By Richard T. McKinney211
- The Enchanted Cone And Liquid By R. Henderson211
- C. Porter Norton's Hanky Series By T. C. Bonney211
- A Reel Of Patter by George Frederick Schulte211
Uncle Feelix's Correspondence Column212
Four Cards In Hat Vanish Leaving Blanks By L. Cohen212
Flowers And Doves By Christianer213
Glass, Wine And Handkerchief Combination213
A Suggestion For The Card Through The Handkerchief By O.T. Gyllick213
Handkerchief, Bread And Flying Box By J.P. Ornson213
A Restored Turban R.L. Henderson214
Items From Wm. C. Tuttle214

NO. 12: FEBRUARY 1916221
George Frederick Schulte Bio223
Second Sight Act223
The World Of Magic224
- S.A.M. Francis J. Werner224
- Buffalo Notes Ladson Butler224
- Magicians Club Of New York Louis Jaeger225
- Magic In The Trenches225
- Pacific Coast Society Of Magicians H. Syril Dusenbery225
- The Magicians' Club, London225
- Spot Lights From Hartford Clarence T. Hubbard226
- Society Of Detroit Magicians W.H. Domzalski226
A Novel Deception With Buns By Amuso226
Ovette's Ribbon Color Changing Magical Ovette226
The Room Of Flames By J.P. Ornson227
Latest Escape From A Cloth Sack By J.P. Ornson227
A Good Combination By Edwardo227
Magicians Club New York228
- The Three-Card And Flag TranspositionLeon M. Dick228
- Happy Days (Poem) By P. Schlegel228
- Card In Frame C.C. Arras228
Odds & Ends By Len J. Sewell229
- An Adventure229
Canary Catch - Two Birds F. Spearer229
Editor's Page230
Vaudeville Chatter By Schulte230
Amateur Department T.J. Crawford231
- Suggestions231
- A New Handkerchief Transposition By Walter B. Gibson231
- An Effective Card Trick by T.C. Bonney231
- Sun And Moon Cards By Richard F. McKinney231
- The Rising Ball And Rod B.R. Henderson231
Handkerchief, Cone And Water By Christianer232
The Flip Color Change by H. Syril Dusenbery232
Vanish And Reproduction Of A Glass Of Water By Prof. Peterson232
Magic VS. Public By Silent Mora233
Happenings From My Show By Augustus Rapp233
It's You (Poem) By C. Arthur Spratt234

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