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The SSSB Principle
by Unnamed Magician

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The SSSB Principle by Unnamed Magician

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This ebook is not about any particular effect but rather is about a principle that you can apply to certain types of effects in order to double their fool factor. The principle makes it possible to create the illusion of a shuffle where a shuffle wouldn't otherwise be possible. There are many effects in which the deck can only be cut at the end (not shuffled). With the application of this principle, you can create the illusion of a shuffle. Best of all, the illusion can be created with the spectator themself shuffling.

That's not to say this principle can be applied to just any effect. An effect has to meet certain criteria in order for this principle to be applicable to it. All that is discussed in the ebook.

The ebook contains a full explanation of the principle and also contains three effects to which the principle can be applied. One of them is a "selected card at selected number" effect, and the other two are card location effects.

This is a principle that can be used to fool both lay people and magicians alike. I have fooled some very knowledgeable magicians with this - so if you want something for the next magic meet with the boys, this might be worth checking out. But even for lay people, it's worth it and can really increase the fool factor.

1st edition 2024, PDF 15 pages.
word count: 4372 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text