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The Thurston Magic Box of Candy
by Howard Thurston


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The Thurston Magic Box of Candy by Howard Thurston

This is a little gem for collectors. Thurston produced a series of 50 tricks which were distributed in candy boxes. These are all tricks for beginners with largely common objects. They are very well described in a clear format (ghostwritten by Walter B. Gibson). First the title, then a block of illustrations followed by the trick description. That was followed by the sections "What You Need", "How To Do It" and "What To Say". Even a very young magician can follow these instructions and learn some neat tricks:

  1. A Broken Match Restored.
  2. The Fly-Away Coin.
  3. The Magic Knot.
  4. Matches That Walk.
  5. The Magic Message.
  6. Coin Appearing in Match Box
  7. The Restored String.
  8. The Ring and Magic Spring.
  9. Telling a Chosen Card.
  10. The Appearing Knot.
  11. Matches of Mystery.
  12. Naming Unseen Cards.
  13. A Coin That Stands on Edge.
  14. To Make Sugar Burn.
  15. Coin Removed from a String.
  16. The Magnetized Knife.
  17. The Great Money Mystery.
  18. The Seven Coin Trick.
  19. Breaking a Stick with Paper.
  20. The Multiplying Penny.
  21. The Multiplying Corks.
  22. Naming Cards by Their Backs,
  23. The Floating Metal Disc.
  24. The Mind Reading Game.
  25. The Match Tripod.
  26. Mystic Mind Reading.
  27. The String Through the Buttonhole.
  28. An Egg that Stands on End.
  29. Coin Tied on a String.
  30. Removing Coat with Thumbs Tied.
  31. The X-Ray Coin.
  32. The Magic Bands of Paper.
  33. The Disappearing Coin.
  34. Solid Thru Solid.
  35. The Singing Glass.
  36. Coin Vanishes from Handkerchief.
  37. Ring Rising on Pencil.
  38. The Coin Through the Sleeve.
  39. The Mystic Watch Dial.
  40. A Race With Matches.
  41. The Magic Discs.
  42. The Coin that Spins Away.
  43. The Mystic Seven.
  44. The Coin Through the Hat.
  45. The Vanishing Loop.
  46. The Magnetized Matches.
  47. Coin Disappearing from Elbow.
  48. Cards that Change Color.
  49. The Three Paper Balls.
  50. The Traveling Aces.
PDF 105 pages.
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