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The Tumbling Tumblers
by Val Andrews

#1 Comedy Magic author
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The Tumbling Tumblers by Val Andrews

From the introduction:

Like all really good tricks the "Tumbling Tumblers" secret was discovered by me when experimenting with another quite different effect. I was handling certain materials at the time, then suddenly everything fell into place, and I knew at once that I had hit on something good! A week later I performed at the I.B.M. Convention at Hastings. I stuck my neck out right at the start by telling them that I was about to present an entirely new trick of my own invention. When they saw me make the first moves, they thought that I was trying to "put one over" by presenting an "oldie", but when I reached the sensational climax of the effect there was a sudden hush, for they realised that this was something quite new, something they had NEVER SEEN BEFORE!

Edward Graves, reporting the show in "The World's Fair" was good enough to say "The Tumbling Tumblers - a WINNER if ever I saw one". Mr. Graves liked my routine too, for he commented that I FILLED the big theatre with continuous laughter. I did play for laughs with the effect, as I invariably do, but the routine and presentation that I have given in these pages will be found suitable for the more serious minded performer too. The effect is also suitable for silent and dramatic presentation. I got a tremendous kick from discovering the simple, though subtle secret and I think you will get just as big a kick from performing the effect.

  • Introduction
  • The Effect As Seen By The Audience
  • Apparatus Required For The Effect
  • Special Note On The "Staple" Gimmick
  • To Perform The Effect
  • Additional Points
  • Silent Presentation
  • Patter Presentation

1st edition 1958, PDF 13 pages.
word count: 2562 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text