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The Village Buyers
by Arthur Herzog

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The Village Buyers by Arthur Herzog

A real estate woman succumbs to a male buyer only to learn he and his clan are from outer space.

Sally Edwards is the only realtor in the sleepy Hamptons town of Bayville, New York. Business is slow, and Sally is beginning to wonder if she will be able to make ends meet, when she receives an offer that seems to solve all of her problems. Her little company is bought out by Millennium 3, a large, multi-national conglomerate that has a mysterious history. Executives from Millennium 3 take over her office, and Sally is charged with the responsibility of purchasing as many homes in the community as possible.

As more and more homes are purchased, the residents of Bayville become suspicious of the new company's intentions. Sally is caught in the crossfire as the townspeople resist the purchase of their homes, and Millennium 3 increases their pressure tactics to purchase more property. Many residents--including Sally--begin to fear that Millennium 3 is trying to take over more than just the property of Bayville...
word count: 61971 which is equivalent to 247 standard pages of text