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The Wisdom of the Court: Performing Readings with Chess Pieces
by Jim Saylor

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The Wisdom of the Court: Performing Readings with Chess Pieces by Jim Saylor

A novel divination system using chess pieces.

"I have over thirty books and manuscripts on divination and tarot reading systems in my library and notebooks. However, because of its unique focal point (the chess pieces) and easy-to-understand explanations of various divination systems, this will be the book I will recommend for people to start their exploration of professional readings and psychic entertaining." - Rolando Santos

Jim Saylor, a 30-year veteran magical and psychic entertainer, brings to you the first-ever book on performing readings using chess pieces. As the world's foremost expert on the subject, Jim tells you how to perform these readings using: The historical meanings of the pieces, Tarot-based readings, Numerology, Aura/Color readings, The Zodiac...and more.

Jim has been researching, lecturing, and demonstrating the phenomena associated with the Psychic Arts for more than 30 years. His studies and research have taken him all across the USA. Jim has been an active performer for several decades at colleges, corporate events, nightclubs, and banquets.

  • Introduction
  • Dedication
  • Why Chess Pieces?
  • Which Pieces, How Many, and What They Represent (their meaning)
  • Sample Readings Using Different Systems:
    • Basic Cold Reading Technique
    • Symbology Based
    • Tarot Based
    • Numerology Based (Name or Birthdate or Both)
    • Color/Aura Based
    • Astrological Based
    • Magic Square Based
    • Playing Card Based
    • Mixed Readings Using Any/All of the Above
  • Giving Longer Readings
  • Using Mnemonics and/or Tick Sheets

1st edition 2021, PDF 66 pages.
word count: 12124 which is equivalent to 48 standard pages of text

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