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The Yin Yang Principle
by Gerard Zitta


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The Yin Yang Principle by Gerard Zitta

A novel mental force.

A spectator thinks of a card and changes it to a new one, in his/her mind. You predicted it, or you name it BEFORE the spectator names his/her own card!".

Impromptu - Anytime, Anywhere. Perfect for informal and casual setting, or when you have NOTHING with you (It can be performed naked on the beach!). You can also use this as a "warm up" experiment, to open your mentalism act.

No fishing or "PA" - Nothing needed, no cards, no props. Pure mind reading. Can fool performers as well.

It is not 100%. Most of the time (80% approximately based on probabilities and hundreds of performances), you will hit, but the impact is as good, even if you do not hit perfectly. Remember: You really name a mentally selected card, and BEFORE he/she reveals it. Very few existing methods allow you to do this. Your spectator will applaud spontaneously or admit it is not bad for a mental reading.

If you do not hit perfectly, all the outs are covered, but the beauty is that nothing is needed: Everything can be covered "mentally", with a little bit of verbal control and spectator management.

A simplified variation is provided for beginners and for casual and everyday performance. It does not require any particular skill. Very easy to do.

It can also be used with existing routines or mixed with "classic" methods (peek, glimpse, force, two-way outs or multiple outs, indexes, etc.) but you don't have to. In that case, it is very easy to do, right away, if you already are familiar with some of these techniques. (You won't need additional or "verbal" skills, just regular patter.)

Many effects can be used or adapted, as follow ups to this mental force, to produce the outs: (ACAAN, Premonition, The Grail (Alakhazam), stop trick, etc.). You can combine it with other devious methods like Crossroads/Silent running (Ben Harris), "The white room" (Ran PINK), and now "Springboard" (Michael MURRAY).

And because the Yin Yang principle will be narrowing down to just a few cards, your existing routines will be made much easier ...

This will open loads of new possibilities and ideas...

1st edition 2013, revision V1.1, 20 pages.
word count: 7409 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text

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