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Theatrical Magic Omnibus Edition: Turning Tricks into Theater
by John B. Pyka


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Theatrical Magic Omnibus Edition: Turning Tricks into Theater by John B. Pyka

This is a revised and updated edition.

"A magician is an actor, playing the part of a great magician" - Robert Houdin.

This classic quote is at the heart of Theatrical Magic by John Pyka (aka "Big Daddy Cool" Johnny Dellarocca). John is an accomplished actor and magician, with a degree in Music and Theater Performance from Eastern KY University and a thriving career producing theatrical entertainment for theaters, theme parks, cruise ships and corporate events.

In his ebook Theatrical Magic, John teaches the reader how to create theatrical presentations for by presenting the reader with creativity exercises, essays and audience tested scripts for classic and commerically available close-up and stage magic - The Origami Box, Substitution Trunk, Snowstorm, 20th Century Silks, The Broom Suspension, Sidewalk Shuffle, Chop Cup, Pyro Perception and more! The ebook includes a valuable chapter on character development for magicians, which many consider the center point of the book. Theatrical Magic was first released in 2007 and author John Pyka has updated the text with new routines, new methods, and updated scripts, including the long awaited method for the infamous "Scorpions" routine!

Additionally, in this Omnibus edition John has included the complete How To Produce Your Own Theater Show and The Script (also available separately here from as well as an expanded appendix and the complete never before published script for his hit magical musical Swingin' At The Roxy!


"In Theatrical Magic, John Pyka offers considerable food for thought that can help improve your magic. John Pyka not only knows magic, he knows theater. And his book, Theatrical Magic will make you think about the magic that you perform and inspire you to add meaning to it. I got a lot out of reading this book... This book, along with Ken Weber's "Maximum Entertainment" (which Pyka recommends), should be required reading for all magicians." - Wayne N. Kawamoto

"It seems like we get a smattering of books on "theatrical magic" every decade or so... This actually takes a different approach to the whole subject." - Bryce Kuhlman

"John is one of the few magical performers out there who thoroughly understands that magicians are, first and foremost, actors and entertainers." - Tobias Beckwith

"Few people I have ever seen perform or lecture have invoked such a positive reaction from me. When I saw John's show I went back to the drawing board to think about my own show. When I heard him lecture on entertaining, I bought his book immediately. John is a great honest man, dedicated entertainer, and deep thinker." - Brian Foshee


  • Introduction
  • CHAPTER I: What is Theatrical Magic?
    • The Story Behind the Stories: Swingin' At The Roxy
    • Mambo Scarves Creativity Exercise #1
    • Tahloola's Demise
    • Creativity Exercise #2
    • Titanic Thompson
    • Sidewalk Shuffle
  • CHAPTER II: Making Magic Your Own
    • The 12 Step Program (Character Development 101)
    • Personality Inventory Exercise
    • Creativity Exercise #3 Character Study/Bio
  • CHAPTER III: Close-Up Stage
    • Wonder Pen-atration Scotch & Soda
    • Houdini's Metamorphosis Everything's Rosy
    • The Legend of Billy the Kid
    • Lie Detector
    • Pyro Perception
    • The Drag Queen What's My Motivation? Analyzing the Christ/Anneman Alignment Move
  • Chapter IV: The Grand Stage
    • The Vizier's Love
    • Johnny's Angels Snowstorm in Armenia Adventures of the Blue Phantom
    • The Vampire
    • Exercise in the Absurd: AKA The Pirate Act
  • Chapter V: Food For Thought
  • Chapter VI: Other Voices
    • The Key to Room 158 - Nelson Griswold w/ Eugene Poinc
    • Broom Suspension - Bill Palmer
    • The Shaman - Jason Michaels
  • Chapter VII: Tricks for Monkeys
    • Ruthless Ambition Discount Ring Flight
  • Chapter VIII:Recommended Reading
    • How To Produce Your Own Theater Show (New York and Broadway)
    • The Script
    • Power of Positive Thinking
    • Appendix

1st edition 2007, updated and revised edition 2012, 281 pages.
word count: 88499 which is equivalent to 353 standard pages of text