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Thought Shadows
by Unknown Mentalist


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Thought Shadows by Unknown Mentalist

Thought Shadows is a dramatic and visual piece of mentalism. It uses a novel presentational concept that even our thoughts can have shadows and based on those shadows a skilled mind reader can read the thoughts behind the shadows.

Everything happens in the mind of the participant and on the mobile phone of the participant. Nothing is ever spoken or written down. The participant just needs to have a phone with Google search on it. No special apps are needed on the phone. And the one piece of paper which is required to complete the routine is carried by the performer in his wallet or pocket. The final revelation is visually stunning. There is a one-time simple preparation of a piece of paper which will usually last you many performances. And whenever you need, just prepare another piece of paper - that's it.

EFFECT AS SEEN BY PARTICIPANT : A willing participant freely thinks of a random 3-digit personal number. This number could be related to her date of birth or month of birth or phone number or house number or car number etc. The participant neither speaks anything nor writes down anything. Then the participant goes to a common and genuine website on Google related to the 1000 most common words in the English language and remembers the word at the number in her mind. Now the performer brings out a piece of paper from his wallet on which are about 125 different words in 5 or 6 paragraphs and gives it to the participant. The participant is asked to focus on the section containing the word in her mind and the performer is able to make the revelation in a very visual and dramatic manner. The performer never touches the participant's phone.

METHOD : Solid, self-working and smoothly deceptive based on a combination of powerful principles, methods, and tools using just a small piece of paper.

VENUES : Thought Shadows is suitable for close up, walk around, street, parlor, virtual shows on zoom, Facebook, YouTube etc.

FEATURES : There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges or instant stooges. Nothing is written down or spoken. There are no progressive anagrams, no secret writings, no one aheads, no memorization. This method works in any language, with suitable adaptation. There is no dual reality, no reframes, no psy forces. No arts n crafts is needed and the reset takes 5-10 seconds. The piece of paper is completely examinable and can be freely handled by both the performer and the participants before, during and after the performance. There is no kind of tearing involved and no switching. The effect is instantly repeatable with a different outcome, in case you really want to repeat it. This is totally self-working and easy to learn and perform.


1. This is not a magic course for beginners. So a basic level of magic intelligence and a minimum level of performance skill are required to be able to perform these effects.

2. Every magician is not a David Copperfield. Every mentalist is not a Derren Brown. Every magic creator is not a Jay Sankey. And every magic reviewer is not a Penn & Teller. Every magic review, good or bad, is more a reflection of the reviewer rather than the reviewed. So even a badly reviewed magic effect can become a masterpiece in the hands of a good performer. Similarly, a 5-star reviewed magic routine can be screwed up by a bad performer.

1st edition 2022, PDF 16 pages.
word count: 2641 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text