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Three Card Monte: John Scarne explains why you can't win
by Audley V. Walsh & John Scarne


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Three Card Monte: John Scarne explains why you can't win by Audley V. Walsh & John Scarne
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This is a treatise on the sucker effects of the Three Card Monte. It starts with an intro by Nate Leipzig, includes a definition of gambling terms and goes on to explain moves, routines and schemes to work the Three Card Monte. John Scarne was a master in performing and demonstrating this sucker effect. Learn everything about it in this digital reproduction, either to be aware of the various ways this can be played and thus be protected, or to learn to perform it for entertainment purposes.

From the preface by Nate Leipzig:

For those who are not acquainted with Mr. John Scarne, I wish to say that he is the most expert exponent of wonderful card effects and table work I have ever seen in my life. I have met and known personally some very fine performers, both amateurs and professionals. But I have yet to see such fine work and originality as Mr. Scarne has command of.

In this book Mr. Scarne has covered everything there is to know about Three Card Monte, it being to the best of my knowledge the only work ever produced on this particular subject. Apart from one or two fundamental principles employed in the original form of the trick, practically all of the effects, dodges, subtleties, come-on ideas, etc., are original with Mr. Scarne.

  • What A Great Magician Has To Say About Scarne 6
  • Contents 8
  • Definition Of Gambling Terms 9
  • Foreword 11
  • Introduction 12
  • Grifter's Signals 14
    • The Call Method 14
    • The Hand Method 14
    • The Head Method 14
  • Familiar Phrases In Gambling 15
    • Hipe 15
    • Shills Or Cappers 15
    • Money Bag 15
    • Under-Throw 15
    • Over-Throw 15
  • Three Card Monte 16
  • A Series Of Deceptive Moves 19
  • Bent Or Crimped Corner Grifter Method 21
  • The Flip (?) 23
    • The Flip Change 24
    • Moves With Flip And Flip-Change 24
  • Grifter's Marked Corner Using The Flip And Flip-Change 26
  • Scarne's Monte Slide 27
  • Scarne's Triple Climax 29
  • Scarne's Method Of The Crimped Corner 31
  • Scarne's Marked Corner 33
  • The Stamped Ace-Scarne's Method 35
  • Scarne's Method Of Torn Corner 37
  • Scarne's Push Over Change 39
  • The Mexican Turn Over 40
  • The Daub 42

1st edition ~1930s, 42 pages.
word count: 8759 which is equivalent to 35 standard pages of text

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