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Three Rapid Spellers
by Ian Baxter

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Three Rapid Spellers by Ian Baxter

To all magicians, amateur and professional - here is a loaded question:

Have you ever been bored silly watching a magician perform a spelling trick?

This is contentious and very obviously axiomatic. Quoting from the Preface of his new manuscript, Australian card man Ian Baxter comments: "Unfortunately, spelling effects in card magic hold the onerous title of being the most laborious, boring presentations imaginable."

This is the point at issue - boredom setting in, thanks to the tedium of endless counting and spelling, usually propped up with trivial patter. Such effects are simply not entertaining. Baxter continues, "...the intrinsic fault is that they are too often too long. Spelling effects? Certainly - but keep them short!"

Three RAPID Spellers is just what the title suggests. Ian Baxter has written up three of his favourite close up card spelling mysteries that he used in professional gigs for many years. All three are impromptu, high-impact brief gems, ideal as a curtain-raisers for any card routine, or as a one-off if preferred. All three are within easy reach of the average card handler and call for a modicum of skill.

These are not knuckle-busting jobs that will keep you in front of the mirror for six months. Read and perform after the usual trials. Unreservedly recommended!

Priced at a very reasonable $9.00. That is just $3.00 per effect.

1st edition 2024, PDF 7 pages.
word count: 1958 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text