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Top Ten Travel Book Test
by Paul Romhany

PDF | by download [4.38 MByte]  
Top Ten Travel Book Test by Paul Romhany

An amazing three phase book test designed for walk-about and close-up magicians that will fit in to your pocket. Great for restaurant workers, street performers, trade shows and private party magicians. This book test would normally sell for up to $100, but Paul has put it out as a PDF ebook to keep the cost affordable to magicians. In this package you get everything you need to do this book test.

  1. Instructions on how to perform this book test
  2. PDF file of the gimmick book – just take it to your local copy center or printer and have them print it off for less than $10.00
  3. JPG file of the cover of the book – this is gimmicked to make the entire routine easy and no need to memorize anything.
Paul Romhany has created a book test that is practical, entertaining and a great way to hand out your business cards making this an ideal routine for the working performer.

A book of holiday destinations is handed out and a spectator thinks of a country, another chooses the first word on any page while another person looks at a paragraph and concentrates on an image. You take out three business cards and write down a country, the thought of word and draw the image that the spectator is thinking. There is nothing to memorize as the book does it all for you.

Note: the book can be handed out and is designed to fit inside your pocket making it the perfect routine for any working condition. This is another example of one of Paul Romhany’s own pet routines that he has audience tested through years of performing in the ‘real’ world.

If you have always wanted to do a book test that offers more than find a word then this is for you. Packs small and plays big.