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Keynote Speaking for Magicians
by Paul Romhany


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Keynote Speaking for Magicians by Paul Romhany

World class award-winning magician and key-note speaker Paul Romhany is releasing this ebook which is part of his best selling package Magician To Speaker; a guide to combining magic, humor and motivational speaking. This ebook will explain exactly how you can go from earning hundreds of dollars a show to thousands of dollars a performance by incorporating your magic and the power of humor.

With over three decades of performance experience, including fifteen years as a world renowned motivational speaker, Paul Romhany has circled the globe presenting the Humor Seminar outlined in this ebook to both private and corporate sectors, making the world a happier place to work and live, while getting paid top dollar. Sounds like fun? It is!

"Magician To Speaker" – This is a comprehensive guide on how to get in to this industry with no questions left unanswered and no details left untouched. We have literally done all the work for you including Paul Romhany’s exact script, which has earned him his living for the past fifteen years as a speaker. The script alone is worth the price of this ebook.

In this ebook Paul talks about what magic tricks to use during your presentation, how to get in to the market, resources you will need, how to put together a speech, finding your own humor stories, the business side of speaking, how to make extra money by selling other products and of course his own speech he used for fifteen years.

Here are some reviews by Magicians and Speakers: -

"What a delight it was to read your book, 'Magician to Key Note Speaker'. I can honestly think of no better system for a magician wanting to break into the Public Speaking arena then this package. Hell, I've been doing it for years and after going over your material I have found several ways to improve my performance. Thanks Paul, I never fail to be inspired by you." -- TC Tahoe professional magician and key-note speaker – editor of Mind Over Magic

"If you are a magician and want to take your performance and career to the next level and enter the world of motivational speaking, Paul Romhany has literally paved the way for you with the complete package. The information and research that he has done is matched by real world performing experience and insight. The script alone is worth every penny!" -- Randy Charach – author Secrets Of A Millionaire Magician

"Most of us associate these two creators with their custom DVD services. I have them both and have made tons of extra money with them so I decided to give this course a chance. Having attended many marketing workshops and purchased just about every marketing course on the market, I am very happy that I decided on this course.

The purpose of this course is to provide magicians with a solid groundwork for getting into the speaking business, primarily through the use of humor related workshops. Magicians are very lucky in the sense that most of us are pretty good speakers already. We just may not know how to make the transition from magician to speaker. No matter what kind of presentations you use...this course will definitely help you.

What I really like about the course is that it is designed for not only the beginner, but also the seasoned professional. You could certainly take Paul 's scripted presentation word-for-word and use it "as is", but the beauty of this package is all the extra support materials. There is enough "extra" stuff to easily customize a complete presentation of your own. I plan on using Paul's basic "Laugh Yourself Well" presentation as an outline for my own custom presentation. My point is that the presentation is very flexible and the support materials make it easy to change. You don't even have to use the same tricks; there is even a section on other tricks that you could use. I found this very helpful.

All in all I am very pleased with this product. I have paid a lot more for other programs and received a lot less!" -- Cody S. Fisher – Reviewer for MUM magazine

"Paul's experience, knowledge and most importantly passion for what he does as a speaker shines through and inspires me to put the thought into speaking that it deserves, not just copy it word for word, though it is written in such great detail, of course you could. Not only is this an incredible road map to making the transition towards being a speaker the course is jam packed full of tips, insights, plans of attacks and of course the copyright free material you can alter and print off as your own. Having been interested in taking the leap for a few years now and from all the research I have done this is without a doubt the clearest and most inspiring course that has ever been sold on this subject. Paul clearly knows the value of this work and should stand behind it 100% and with full confidence as should others who share years of performance knowledge, heart, soul and insight with others in their field through a marketed product. This is great material and in my opinion a little to cheap. I have invested over $700.00 US for similar products and been really disappointed. Thank you Paul for putting this together for us it really is fantastic!" Justin Gilbert – Consultant for Chris Angel TV show Mind Freak.

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