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Topper Martyn Interview Part 3
by Topper Martyn

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Topper Martyn Interview Part 3 by Topper Martyn
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Martin Breese interviews Topper Martyn about his life as variety performer doing magic, juggling, and playing the banjo. There are lots of wonderful stories and lessons from his life. Listen and enjoy.

Topper Martyn is doing and explaining a card trick, what is most difficult to do on a stage, about changing names, Milton Woodward, Think A Drink Hoffman, how to learn to juggle, Stetson, juggling on radio, circus, collecting, Frank Wondrous, Windmill theatre, lighting and music, serious advice, rehearsing versus practicing, etc.

[Note: This is an unedited version of the recording to preserve the little exchanges of Martin Breese with Topper Martyn. Consequently there is some duplication.]

The interview was conducted on September 16th 1977. First released 2019. Length 47 minutes.