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Trade Show Secrets
by Marc Paul

MP4 (video) | by download [1197 MByte]  
Trade Show Secrets by Marc Paul

In this download video Marc tells you everything you need to know to be a successful performer in this very exciting marketplace. He reveals key information about...

  • The trade show environment
  • The mentality that you will need
  • What you are likely to earn
  • The four main roles you will have to offer
  • How to get the work
  • The different types of performing style
  • What to say and do in meetings
  • Scripting
  • Your fee and how to up-sell to increase that fee
  • Choice of material
  • Stopping traffic
  • How to build a pitch
  • Getting people to remember the company name
  • How to generate more leads for the clients
  • How much should you work?
  • Building repeat business
  • Generating leads for yourself
All topics are covered with Marc's infectious enthusiasm in front of a live audience. Also his original Power Point presentation from that live lecture is integrated into the video to make every point crystal clear.

"You completely changed the way I think about trade shows." - Peter Wardell (Founder of Brandmagic)

"You've detailed your sure fire system to ensure anyone can make a very healthy living from performing in this market. I cannot think of anything else I would need to know ... you really haven't left any stone unturned." - Colin McLeod

"A comprehensive, enlightening, thought provoking and honest lecture on each and every aspect of this niche and sought after area of our business. If you WANT to work trade shows you NEED to watch this DVD." - Nicholas Einhorn

For those who are keen to perform in this area this video offers an invaluable insight into the tough, but potentially lucrative, world of trade show magic. This download DVD was filmed live at the first Corporate Magic Zone day and is the only time Marc has performed this lecture.

length 1 hour 20 min