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by John Blunt & Lewis Ganson

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Transcornered by John Blunt & Lewis Ganson

The reputation-making card routine with which John Blunt won the Premier Award of the London Society of Magicians for the best magical effect. Reviewing the effect, Claude Chandler wrote: "An original version of the Torn & Restored Card plus transposition etc. It is so original as to almost entirely conceal this fact. It gives us a series of new, interesting and baffling surprises, beautifully-routined. The cleverly worked-out methods make for clean presentation. Not the least of its merits and one that is valuable for close-up performance, is the fact that all evidence is disposed of and the performer is left at the finish with nothing but a straight pack of cards."

Two spectators assist, each spectator choosing a card from the deck. Corners of the cards are torn off and transposed, then magically and invisibly, the cards transpose to match the corners. Both cards are torn into little pieces, mysteriously they vanish leaving a surprise message. Finally, both cards are found restored back in the deck!

A truly reputation-making trick that has been worked out and so designed that it moves smoothly from stage to stage, building-up to a bewildering and novel climax. Although the effect is so good, the handling is surprisingly easy, allowing the performer to concentrate on presentation.

The working is made brilliantly clear and described in typical lucid Lewis Ganson manner in the pages of this ebook. 13 photographs take the reader stage by stage through the working, showing how delightfully easy it is to perform this great effect. No special apparatus is required. Transcornered is a delightful, brilliantly bewildering deception.

1st edition 1973, PDF 8 pages.
word count: 2244 which is equivalent to 8 standard pages of text