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Tri-Color Cups and Balls
by Rachel Colombini


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Tri-Color Cups and Balls by Rachel Colombini

An unbelievable routine using tissue paper rolled into balls.

The routine is basically Leo Leslie’s “Technicolor Cups and Balls” published many years ago by Supreme Magic Co. It is a very colorful routine, easy to do, easy to follow and with a logical finale. We added a finish that is both funny and baffling.

You show three cups and three pieces of tissue paper, say one red, one yellow and one green. You roll the paper into small balls and these balls penetrate through the cups, first one, then two and then all three. Finally the balls disappear and reappear under the cups! One ball is placed under the stack of cups. The other two are vanished. The cups are lifted and only one ball is there ... but wait! This ball is unwrapped and the second ball appears, and inside this second ball there is the third one!

  • Virtually no moves!
  • Use any set of cups (even plastic ones) and ordinary tissue paper.

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