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Trick Tac
by Alan Rorrison

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Trick Tac by Alan Rorrison

Three sweet effects that pack small but play big.

Trick Tac is a simple routine in nature that packs a big punch. You introduce a packet of tictacs, then you ask the spectator to pour some of the mints out into their open hand but restrict how many they take from your view. What ever they do, they MUST NOT allow you to see in their hand. The spectator keeps this in mind and keeps every single tictac they have taken in a tight fist. However, you are able to tell them EXACTLY how many they have in there down to the last mint!

  • No gimmicks are used what so ever.
  • Get the right answer 100% of the time.
  • Super easy to master.
  • Sets up in seconds.
  • The spectator pours out the mints in their own hand.
  • The spectator has a truly free choice of how many to take.
  • resets instantly
TicTac Transpo is a perplexing transposition effect. One box of tictacs is introduced with the sweet little mints still inside along with one empty box. You empty the contents of the full box into the spectators hand and ask them to choose a mint. They do so and they slip this mint into what ever empty box they choose. With a simple shake, the selected mint vanishes from one box to instantly appear in the other.
  • 100% Impromptu
  • Super visual
  • Did we mention it is ungimmicked
  • Very easy to do
  • You end clean
  • Resets instantly
A fresh new out of this world Out of this world is a classic in card magic. Now it has been given the Alan Rorrison treatment and brought into an impromptu new age. You take a packet of lime and orange tictacs and you perform out of this world.

The spectator gives each hand a colour ( green or orange) and makes a fist with each. You pick a tictac out the box and hide the colour from their view and ask them to guess what they think it may be. As they name the colour you slip it into what ever fist they allocated that colour to. You run through about 10 mints and stop. "Do you want to see how you are doing? how many would you guess you got right?" astoundingly, when they open their hands they will find that they didn't just get a few right. They got every single one right.

  • 100% Impromptu
  • No gimmicks what so ever
  • Different presentations given
  • resets instantly
What the pros say:

"Alan is releasing something I have urged him NOT to release. These effects are so strong, they'll leave your spectators stunned. Another amazing release Alan, I don't know how you do it." - Jamie Daws Pro Magician

1st edition 2009.

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